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Brian Smith Is On A Recruiting Heater

A quick look at the 2024 Mizzou Wrestling recruiting class and the accomplishments of each prospect with quotes.

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Wrestling Championship
Head Coach Brian Smith (Mizzou Wrestling)
Photo by Jay LaPrete/NCAA Photos/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Head Coach Brian Smith and Company have been rolling on the recruiting trail landing multiple top-end talents. The 2024 class is shaping out to be one of the better classes yet for the Tiger Style program. Here we look at where each of these prospects rank among the rest of the class and what they have accomplished throughout their career.

Gage Walker - Bixby, Oklahoma - Projected 133lbs

  • FloWrestling Rank: #17 at 126lbs - #76 Overall
  • 42-3, 2023 OSSHSA State Champ #126
  • 55-2, 2022 OSSHSA State Champ #120
  • 17-1, 2021 OSSHSA State Champ #106

Jake Stoffel - Appleton, Wisconsin - Projected 174lbs

  • Attends Askren Wrestling Academy
  • 44-1, 2023 WIAA State Champ #152
  • 43-3, 2022 WIAA State 3rd Place #132

“Mizzou fans should be excited with the addition of Jake Stoffel. Jake is a student of the game, a relentless worker, and overall a great kid. He’s an entertaining wrestler to watch and likes to score points. He has an extremely high wrestling IQ for a high school wrestler and I imagine that will only continue to improve under Coach Smith. He’s a product of Askren Wrestling Academy and has strong ties to many current Mizzou wrestlers and former alumni. He’ll enter his senior year with a 103-5 overall record. He took 3rd at the state tournament as a sophomore at 132 lbs and won a state title last year at 152 lbs. He’s moving up in weight again this season and will likely wrestle 175 lbs.”

- Scott Clough (Wrestling Coach at Appleton North High School in Wisconsin)

Aeoden Sinclair - Milton, Wisconsin - Projected: 197lbs

  • FloWrestling Rank: #1 at 195lbs - #8 Overall
  • Attends Askren Wrestling Academy
  • 45-0, 2023 WIAA State Champ #220
  • 48-1, 2022 WIAA State Champ #170
  • 14-3, 2021 WIAA State 3rd Place #152

“Aeoden Sinclair loves wrestling more than any athlete I’ve ever coached. Tiger wrestling fans can expect to see an excited wrestler who is also an exciting wrestler to watch! He is super smart, constantly improves in every facet of his life, and will be a great citizen in the Tiger wrestling community and the University of Missouri as a whole. Tiger wrestling fans will LOVE Aeoden Sinclair!”

- Pat Jauch (Milton, WI HS Wrestling Coach)

Mack Mauger - Blackfoot, Idaho - Projected 125lbs

  • FloWrestling Rank: #7 at 113 lbs - #39 Overall
  • 42-4, 2023 Idaho HS State Champ #120
  • 36-0, 2022 Idaho HS State Champ #106
  • 39-1, 2021 Idaho HS State Champ #98

“Mack is the type of athlete every coach dreams about. He works hard in the classroom as well as on the mat. Mack is the type of athlete others gravitate toward; and as a coach of young athletes, I can’t think of a better example. We expect great things from Mack and he always delivers. He is a driven athlete who takes it upon himself to set goals and achieve what he believes. Mizzou is getting a good one and we’ll be watching him do great things for years to come.”

- Lonny Walker (Blackfoot High School Boys Wrestling Coach)

Jace Roller - Bixby, Oklahoma - Projected 149lbs

  • FloWrestling Rank: #4 at 138 lbs - #25 Overall
  • 32-2, 2023 OSSHSA State Champ #138
  • 31-6, 2022 OSSHSA State Champ #138
  • 22-4, 2021 OSSHSA State 3rd Place #126

Jake Crapps - Cass, Georgia - Projected 141lbs

  • FloWrestling Rank: #9 at 126 lbs - #43 Overall
  • 37-0, 2023 GHSA State Champ #126
  • 42-0, 2022 GHSA State Champ #126

Logan Cole - Billings, Montana - Projected 165lbs

  • 29-3, 2023 MHSA State 2nd Place #160
  • 14-7, 2022 MHSA State 4th Place #152
  • 14-4, 2021 MHSA State 3rd Place #126

“Logan is the hardest working and most dedicated young man that Montana has to offer. He isn’t just dedicated to working his butt off every single day, he is dedicated to his academics, family, faith, teammates, and his future. Logan is the young man that we as parents and coaches all hope that our child becomes. Oh, and he is a badass wrestler.”

- Josh Beeman (Billings Head Wrestling Coach)

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