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SB Nation Reacts: What a difference a game makes

After some rocky results last week, the fans are back on board.

sbn reacts 09222023

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Missouri Tigers fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys.

There’s no getting around the rocky first few weeks of Mizzou Footballs 2023 season. But as I (and many others) have said before, there’s nothing static in college football. And as much as your team and program can look listless and hopeless, one game can changes the narrative in a hurry.

So we asked you which coach or player silenced their critics the most? Was it Eli Drinkwitz by winning over a top 15 opponent? Kirby Moore by showing a more diverse playbook? Harrison Mevis for nailing the game winning field goal? Or Brady Cook for showing off his deep ball?

sbn reacts 09222023

I’m not at all surprised by the lopsided results. Cook was terrific against a very good defense. He made the throws he needed, and like always, showed incredible toughness by coming back into the game with a sprained knee.

So we turn our attention to the game tonight. What will the results be?

sbn reacts 09222023

This seems to be the consensus, most think Mizzou wins a close game. I’m a little surprised that 43% of the voters think Mizzou will win by more than the line, but the line has come down quite a bit. It was around a touchdown when I submitted the question. Then dropped to around 5.5 when this was released to you readers. And now it’s back up a bit. Just win baby. That’s all that matters.

National Votes!

Time for the national votes and a relatively quiet week with just a couple questions.

sbn reacts 09222023

I’m always leery of questions like this. It’s like people that automatically pick a 12 to beat a 5. Picking upsets is difficult to do with any accuracy for a reason. They’re unexpected.

sbn reacts 09222023

Ohio State versus Notre Dame is an interesting game, but the bigger storyline is Colorado versus Oregon. Deion Sanders has been a constant in the news cycle and really has a chance to go in and make a statement at Oregon. We’ll see if he can, the Vegas odds are not on his side.