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Live Game Thread: Mizzou vs. Memphis

The Zou to the Lou series features Missouri taking on Memphis for its final non-conference matchup.

NCAA Football: Memphis at Missouri Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri 34, Memphis 27 (Final)

First Quarter

  • Memphis will receive. Missouri’s defense will take the field first. Mike Jones and Jeremy Maclin are today’s special captains.
  • Mizzou attempts an onside kick to start the game and it isn’t successful. An offsides penalty on MU will have them re-kick.
  • Darius Robinson comes up with a sack on the first play.
  • Blake Watson converts a third and long for Memphis. They have the ball at their own 41.
  • Watson then takes Memphis across midfield with a 12-yard gain.
  • Kris Abrams-Draine makes a beautiful pass breakup by stopping a potential big gain on a wheel route. Seth Henigan is chased out of bounds bringing up a fourth down.
  • Luther Burden picks up a first down on his first touch. Expect a lot of him this evening.
  • Touchdown Missouri!! Brady Cook finds Marquis Johnson for a long 76-yard score. PAT is good. Missouri 7, Memphis 0. 9:37 in Q1.
  • A screen pass to Blake Watson moves Memphis to their own 49.
  • Darius Robinson is coming off the field with a bit of a limp. He appeared shaken up.
  • Seth Henigan finds a hole in Missouri’s defense hitting Demeer Blankumsee on 4th and 8.
  • Field goal Memphis. Tanner Gillis connects from 43 yards out. Missouri 7, Memphis 3. 4:18 in Q1.
  • A fumble by Cody Schrader gives Memphis the ball back at Missouri’s seven-yard line.
  • Touchdown Memphis. Seth Henigan finds Joseph Scates in the corner of the end zone on fourth and goal. Memphis 10, Missouri 7. 2:15 left in Q2.
  • Back-to-back negative plays put Mizzou’s offense in a bad spot on third down. MU can’t convert and the punting unit will come out.

Second Quarter

  • Drey Norwood breaks up a third down pass. The punt is nearly blocked, but it goes out of bounds at the 25.
  • Luther Burden takes Mizzou’s offense to the oppositions 47-yard line. Marquis Johnson picked up three yards on a reverse the next play.
  • Burden again. He weaves his way down to the one-yard line.
  • Touchdown Missouri!!! Nathaniel Peat takes it in from a yard out. PAT is good. Missouri 14, Memphis 10. 6:27 in Q2.
  • Drey Norwood, who has been having a sensational game, got injured while bringing down Seth Henigan. He needed help going to the sidelines.
  • The Cook to Burden connection has been automatic. Cook is 10-10, five going to Burden for 80 yards.
  • The two connect again, this time moving the ball to the 13-yard line of Memphis. 50 seconds left in the half and Missouri is in scoring position.
  • Field goal Missouri!!! Harrison Mevis connects from 25 yards out. Missouri 17, Memphis 10 with nine seconds left in the half.

Third quarter

  • Missouri goes three-and-out on its first offensive possession of the half. Memphis takes over at their own 18.
  • Darius Robinson is in street clothes on the sideline. He is out for out for the game.
  • Johnny Walker Jr. comes up with a strip sack on third down. Memphis recovers but is forced to punt. Mizzou’s offense takes over at the 23.
  • Touchdown Missouri!!! After a huge gain by Luther Burden, Brady Cook finds Theo Wease for a 19-yard score. PAT is good. Missouri 24, Memphis 10. 9:19 in Q3.
  • Luther Burden is heading to the locker room following his big gain to setup the TD pass.
  • Kris Abrams-Draine comes up with a huge interception giving Mizzou the ball back at their own 46.
  • Mizzou is unable to do anything with the ball. The Tigers failed to convert a 4th and 1 at the Memphis 31.
  • A big man by Roc Taylor moves Memphis to the 20-yard line.
  • Touchdown Memphis. Seth Henigan connects with Blake Watson for 13-yards. PAT is good. Missouri 24, Memphis 17. 4:07 Q3.
  • A quick three-and-out for Mizzou. Memphis takes over following a punt at the 50.
  • Roc Taylor again comes up with another huge reception for Memphis moving it to the 27.

Fourth quarter

  • Seth Henigan is intercepted by Marcus Clarke on 4th and 5. A huge turnover created by Missouri’s defense. MU takes over at its own 12.
  • Good news for Mizzou. There not only in the red zone, but Luther Burden is back in the game.
  • Field goal Missouri!!! Harrison Mevis connects from 32 yards out. Missouri 27, Memphis 17. 11:01 Q4.
  • Field goal Memphis. Tanner Gillis connects after Memphis’ offense stalls inside the 10. Missouri 27, Memphis 20. 5:18 in Q4.
  • Touchdown Missouri!!! MU quickly responds moving downfield. Cody Schrader takes it in from 37 yards out. PAT is good. Missouri 34, Memphis 20. 2:46 in Q4.
  • A quick drive down the field brings Memphis within seven. Henigan found Koby Drake for a score. PAT is good. Missouri 34, Memphis 27. 1:21 in Q4.
  • Luther Burden recovers the onside kick.
  • This one is over. Missouri defeats Memphis 34-27 to move to 4-0.

Pregame Updates

Game Info

Time: 6:30 PM CT

Date: Sept. 23, 2023

Location: The Dome at America’s Center

TV: SEC Network

Fan Questions

  1. What will be Harrison Mevis longest made field goal?
  2. How many receptions will Luther Burden III have?
  3. Which St. Louis native will score first?
  4. Who will get the first sack of the evening?
  5. How many yards will Missouri’s defense hold Memphis to?