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SB Nation Reacts: What are your expectations after Mizzou’s 4-0 start?

Now seems like a decent time to ask the expectations reset question.

Syndication: Columbia Daily Tribune Abigail Landwehr/Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

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I know a lot of us were hoping for an unblemished start to the season, some of us expected it. But expectations for things seemed to take a big dip after the Tigers lethargically beat Middle Tennessee in week 2, then surged after beating Kansas State in week 3. This past Saturday Mizzou played well enough but not enough to put Memphis away. So where are we now?

Missouri hasn’t yet played a complete game but they’re 4-0 and could get to 5-0 if they can dispatch of Vanderbilt. The remaining schedule obviously gets more difficult, but where does that leave your expectations for how they finish the season?

Then we also wanted to know how you think this weekend goes against Vandy?