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SB Nation Reacts: Mizzou fans are reasonable

We aren’t getting swept up just yet.

sbn reacts 09292023

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It’s sometimes easy to forget that the vocal factions of social media are rarely the real temperature of the fan base. Sometimes a chord is struck and everything is in sync, but whether things are going well or not going well, the general fan base at large tends to be pretty moderate with reasonable expectations.

Missouri started 4-0 this season, and if they can beat Vandy this weekend they’ll be 5-0 for the first time in a while. So clearly we should ramp up our expectations for what can be accomplished this season, right?

No so fast, says Missouri fans.

sbn reacts 09292023

This says we are what we think we are. A solid, possibly good team. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Well done, Mizzou fans, I respect it. I think they can get to 9 with the right combination of luck, but I still think this is probably an 8 win team.

First things first though, you have to beat Vanderbilt. So fans say...

sbn reacts 09292023

Mizzou WILL beat Vandy but... not by a lot. The spread is up to nearly 2 TDs right now so I’d be pretty happy with a 10-12 point win.

National Votes!

If you’ve subscribed to the Reacts Emails (linked above) and you answered the email, this is where people are. Only 26% of fans are still believers that Georgia should be number 1. I can see the debate but I’ve long been of the mind that if you’re number one and don’t lose you shouldn’t be knocked from your perch. I’m also of the mind that we shouldn’t vote on anything before the season but I get why we do.

sbn reacts 09292023

Florida State getting 17% further solidifies my belief that the Seminoles have a large online voting footprint.

I think this next question is fair, but perhaps a few weeks too early.

sbn reacts 09292023

Georgia is the reigning champion for two years running. Until someone takes them down it’s hard to remove them just based upon a little early lackluster play.

Michigan is the 2nd ranked team in the country and has done nothing to be considered anything other than a top 4 team but...

sbn reacts 09292023

49% of fans think they don’t deserve it? They’ve beaten 4 teams all by roughly the same score.

sbn reacts 09292023

This was an easy call for me, and I wouldn’t say OSU shocked anyone, but the close win in the last seconds was a pretty epic finish to an otherwise dull game.

sbn reacts 09292023

Gimme kU v Texas for this vote. A little hate watch is always a good time.