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Scenes from Tiger Talk at Bud’s Classic BBQ

Eliah Drinkwitz, Kirby Moore and Cody Schrader joined a packed house to recap Week One and preview what is to come.

A packed house at Bud’s Classic BBQ on 9th Street in Downtown Columbia was treated to some beer and BBQ as Eliah Drinkwitz, Kirby Moore and Cody Schrader joined Missouri Sports Hall of Famer Mike Kelly to discuss Week One and preview what it is to come during the rest of the season.

Eliah Drinkwitz | Head Coach

  • A round of applause erupted inside the restaurant when Drinkwitz confirmed—for the second time on Tuesday—that Brady Cook was set to be the starting quarterback for the Tigers. He also referenced what Gary Pinkel did with Brad Smith and Chase Daniel in relation to how the Cook-Sam Horn relationship may work this season. Daniel played occasionally behind Smith in 2005 before becoming the full-time starter in 2006.
  • On running back Cody Schrader, who had his first 100-yard game as a Tiger last Thursday: “Every time I see him play for our football team, it gives me a great sense of pride.”
  • Junior DB Caimin Hayes out of Philadelphia was credited with the blocked punt last week. He also worked at Bud’s over the summer, inspiring Drinkwitz to remark that “It’s a good thing he didn’t eat too many smash burgers over the summer to be able to make that play.” The head coach also noted that multiple other players were the key in setting up Hayes’ block, but also pointed out that Hayes is a naturally aggressive, hard-nosed player.
  • In entering game week, Drinkwitz said that one of the first things he did was remind his team of the last time MTSU was in town—a 51-45 defeat in 2016. He explained that MTSU blitzes far more than South Dakota did, which will cause the offense to look a bit different than it did last week. “You can either apply pressure or feel pressure. Kirby is gonna apply pressure.”
  • In analyzing the Blue Raider offense, Drinkwitz explained that it is a version of the air raid that has a major run emphasis, especially in guard-to-tackle counter plays.
  • In looking for a new offensive coordinator, Drinkwitz said that Moore’s offense was one that he wanted to learn, and that he also knew that they would have a similar idea about offense given their backgrounds and who they have coached with. “All he does is football and film.”

Kirby Moore | Offensive Coordinator

  • Moore said that his parents are from just outside of Chicago and he grew up in a small town in Washington, so Columbia has been a pleasant adjustment for him. He says that the people are the best part of the town.
  • Growing up, Moore cites how he wanted to make an impact on northwest football as a major reason he got so involved with the sport. He explained that being around coaches at Boise State, such as Chris Peterson, inspired him to become a coach.
  • On the offensive adjustments he had to make: “There are certain plays that worked at Fresno that might not work here, and you just have to adapt.”
  • Moore said that Sean McVay’s 2017 offense has played a role in inspiring his offensive attack, specifically with option and combination routes.
  • Called Mekhi Miller a “glue guy” that is always in the right place at the right time for a scrambling QB. Also says that freshman Marquis Johnson will show up more as the season progresses, citing that he can “go go go.”
  • On how the young tight ends performed last week: “There were no ‘lights are too bright’ for Brett Norfleet and Jordon Harris last Thursday.”

Cody Schrader | Senior | Running Back

  • It was announced tonight that Schrader ranks third among active NCAA running backs in terms of career yardage, as he has ran for well over 3,000 yards in his career. His response: “I didn’t know they counted D-II.”
  • “I always believed in myself, even when the outside world didn’t. I always saw myself playing at this level.” Schrader added that he could not even bear to watch D-I matchups after his games at Truman State because he wanted to be there so bad.
  • When asked about who has gotten him to this point, Schrader immediately pointed to his family. He said that his parents sacrificed so much in moving him to St. Louis to gain more exposure in football, and even added that his sisters still meal prep for him. “I owe them because I just get to play a game and represent the name on my back.”
  • Schrader said that the tattoo arm sleeve that he has is dedicated to a best friend who passed away due to suicide in 2019.
  • Agreeing with Drinkwitz and Moore, Schrader said that MTSU blitzes on nearly every down and that pass protection from the running backs will be a major key on Saturday. The running back frequently talked about how he wanted to improve in pass-pro this offseason, so this should be a great change to show how far he has come.
  • If he’s not playing football, Cody Schrader is golfing. He said that he, Sam Horn, Brady Cook, Brett Norfleet and others played plenty of scrambles over the summer.