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Mizzou Wrestling shuts out #18 Stanford in possibly unprecedented 39-0 victory

Tiger Style puts on a show in Palo Alto

Keegan O’Toole and Kade Moore, back-to-back NCAA Wrestlers of the Week
Mizzou Athletics

There’s domination, and then there’s going out and making someone look laughably inferior. The Tigers took the mat tonight in California against Stanford and decided to go for the latter.

Going through the season-by-season records back to 1998-99 on the Mizzou athletics site and then the media guide, I could not find another instance of the Tigers shutting out a top-25 opponent. It’s possible (even likely) Mizzou wrestling made history tonight.

(All rankings via FloWrestling)


Mizzou: 4 - Stanford: 0

125lbs: #10 Noah Surtin (MIZ) vs. #4 Nico Provo (STF)

Seeking a return to form after a 10-3 defeat in overtime last match against eighth-ranked Cooper Flynn, Surtin scored the match’s first takedown with just over a minute remaining in the period following an extended scramble. At some point during the first period, he also must have been credited with another takedown (the Pac 12 Network broadcast had several issues, and thus the scoring in the first period was unclear). Provo responded with a reversal, sending Surtin to the second period with a 6-2 lead.

Provo escaped from bottom after roughly 30 second to make the score 6-3, and scrambled to avoid a takedown in the final seconds of action to keep the match close. Starting on bottom, Surtin quickly escaped for a 7-3 lead. In the final seconds of action, he caught a shot from Provo and got around for a takedown, securing the 11-3 major decision with the extra point for riding time.

Mizzou: 9 - Stanford: 0

133lbs: #24 Kade Moore (MIZ) vs. NR Dom LaJoie (STF)

Moore came out aggressive, quickly scoring his first takedown and taking control on top of LaJoie, adding a four-point nearfall for a 7-0 lead. After LaJoie escaped with roughly a minute remaining in the period, Moore extended his lead with another takedown. Looking for a pin in the last moments of the first period, Moore slipped up and allowed LaJoie to escape, ending the first period with a 10-2 lead.

Starting on bottom, Moore scored the quick escape but LaJoie got around for his first takedown to cut into the lead before cutting Moore, 12-5. However, Moore quickly regained control, avoiding a shot and getting around for a takedown before adding another four-point nearfall to ride out the period and take a 19-5 lead.

LaJoie quickly scored a takedown to open up the third period, riding strong until a pause for a dangerous situation forced a reset and Moore escaped before adding on his final takedown for the 23-8 tech fall. This was a complete performance from Moore, and you couldn’t ask anything more from him right now as he’s putting together arguably the most impressive performances in the lineup.

Mizzou: 12 - Stanford: 0

141lbs: NR Zeke Seltzer (MIZ) vs. HM Jason Miranda (STF)

Getting the start in place of Josh Edmond, Seltzer opened up the scoring with a nice shot leading to a powerful slam to the mat of Miranda for the takedown. Seltzer added another takedown in the final seconds of the period following a scramble, ending the first three minutes with a 6-1 lead.

Starting on top, Seltzer cut Miranda after roughly 25 seconds to narrow the lead to four. He added on another takedown after slowly working to get around on Miranda, then rode out the rest of the period to finish with over a minute and a half in riding time and the 9-2 lead.

Miranda cut into the lead once more following an extended scramble in the first minute of the third period, scoring a takedown, 9-5. With Miranda riding, Seltzer elected to stall and wait out the end of the match, a strategy which was effective but led to a point for Miranda in the closing seconds. Seltzer finished with a 9-6 decision while wrestling up a class, and with Moore sinking his feet into the ground at 133 it’s possible that he makes the move permanent to compete with Edmond for a spot in the lineup.

Mizzou: 15 - Stanford: 0

149lbs: #13 Logan Gioffre (MIZ) vs. #9 Jaden Abas (STF)

The Tigers struck first once again in this match, as Gioffre escaped an ankle shot and avoided another rapid shot by Abas to get around for the first takedown of the match in an intense scramble, 3-0. After some extended riding time for Gioffre, Abas escaped with just under 40 seconds left to make the score 3-1 heading into the second period.

Starting on top, Gioffre scored a two-point nearfall and rode strong with multiple powerful mat returns during the period. He rode out the entire second period, overpowering Abas from on top and finishing with nearly three minutes of riding time.

Starting on bottom with a 5-1 lead, Gioffre scored a reversal roughly 30 seconds into the third period before an escape from Abas, 7-1. Gioffre again rode out the rest of the period, finishing with over 3:45 of riding time in an 8-1 decision over a top-10 opponent.

Mizzou: 18 - Stanford: 0

157lbs: #12 Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. #6 Daniel Cardenas (STF)

Mauller scored two takedowns in the first period, getting around on Cardenas both times while scrambling and turning defense to offense as he led 6-2 going into period two. Starting on bottom, Mauller quickly escaped for the 7-2 lead. Cardenas scored his first takedown of the night off an ankle hold before cutting Mauller, 8-5.

Cardenas further cut into the lead with a quick escape from bottom to begin the third period. However, Mauller regained control to end the action, countering shots from Cardenas to get around for two takedowns, ending with a 14-8 decision. Instead of wrestling aggressively, Mauller allowed the action to come to him. The strategy worked wonders, as an overaggressive Cardenas saw his shots countered and turned around on him.

Mizzou: 24 - Stanford: 0

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs. #23 Hunter Garvin (STF)

O’Toole started out slow in this match, possibly affected by an accidental poke in the eye early on in the match. He scored his first takedown with roughly a minute left in the period before quickly adding on another, riding out the rest of the period and entering period two with a 6-1 lead.

Starting on bottom, O’Toole quickly escaped before a nice shot allowed him to slowly work around Garvin for another takedown, 10-1. Working on top, he nearly executed a pin but was ruled just barely out of bounds, instead riding out the rest of the period.

O’Toole struck first once again in period three, using an ankle shot to set up the takedown for a 13-1 lead. On the verge of a tech fall, he finally got the cradle he’d been searching for all match to pin Garvin and take the victory by fall. O’Toole finished very strong after a slower start than usual.

Mizzou: 28 - Stanford: 0

174lbs: #8 Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs. NR Ty Monteiro (STF)

It took all of two periods for Peyton Mocco to look like himself again in his return from injury. Monteiro got the better of Mocco in a scramble to score first, 3-1, but Mocco avoided another takedown after a shot to his ankle and got around for a takedown for a 4-3 lead. Mocco added up some good riding time to close out the period, entering period two up by one point.

Starting on top, Mocco rode strong for 45 seconds before Monteiro escaped to tie the action at 4-4. In the final seconds of the period, Mocco got a nice shot in on Monteiro to get around for a takedown, heading into the third period with a 7-4 lead and over two minutes of riding time.

This is where Mocco started to pick up the pace, scoring another takedown in the first thirty seconds of action and cutting Monteiro, 10-5. After another shot for a takedown, Monteiro escaped with roughly 30 seconds remaining, 13-6. In the final seconds, Mocco piled on two more takedowns, finishing with a 21-8 major decision and ending with over three minutes of riding time. With a dominant finish to the match, Mocco looks ready to dive back into action.

Mizzou: 32 - Stanford: 0

184lbs: #9 Clayton Whiting (MIZ) vs. NR Abraham Wojcikiewicz (STF)

Whiting started out aggressive with a rapid shot to the leg of Wojcikiewicz (a name I’ll be copying and pasting for the rest of this match recap) before cutting him, 3-1. After another shot in on the leg for a takedown, Whiting rode out the rest of the period for a 6-1 lead and over a minute of riding time.

Wojcikiewicz escaped from bottom after slightly under 30 seconds, 6-2. After a good shot by Wojcikiewicz to get in deep on Whiting’s leg, he was able to scramble for another takedown, 9-2. Riding out the rest of the period, Whiting entered the third period with over two minutes of riding time.

Starting on bottom, Whiting scored a reversal after 12 seconds before cutting Wojcikiewicz, 11-3. Whiting added two more takedowns in the remainder of the period, getting around Wojcikiewicz as he continued to finesse his way to victory. He ended with a decisive 18-5 major decision and 2:22 of riding time. Similar to Brock Mauller earlier, Whiting converted defense to offense for multiple takedowns.

Mizzou: 36 - Stanford: 0

197lbs: #6 Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs. #16 Nick Stemmet (STF)

Elam scored his first takedown quickly, getting in on Stemmet’s leg and converting after some brief scrambling in the first 30 seconds, 3-0. He went to work on top, looking for a nearfall or pin. Unable to score any more points, he rode out the rest of the period to enter period two with a 3-0 lead and over 2:30 of riding time.

Starting on bottom, Elam escaped after roughly 45 seconds following some nice riding from Stemmet, who had multiple strong mat returns. Stemmet got a shot in on Elam in the final 30 seconds, but Rocky was able to counter and get around for a takedown, 7-0.

The final scoring came in the final 30 seconds of the third period, as Elam caught another shot from Stemmet and got around for the takedown, 10-0. Stemmet escaped in the final moments for his only point of the match, but Elam came away with the 11-1 major decision. This was a slow burn victory for Rocky, consistently widening the lead and denying Stemmet any chance of a comeback.

Mizzou: 39 - Stanford: 0

285lbs: #6 Zach Elam (MIZ) vs. NR Peter Ming (STF)

Zach Elam controlled this match from the beginning, scoring his first takedown roughly 25 seconds into the match, 3-0. Working on top, Elam got Ming on his back for a two-point nearfall with just over a minute remaining in the period. Elam rode out the majority of the first period, ending the action with a 5-0 lead and 2:36 of riding time.

Starting on bottom, Elam scored the quick reversal before riding out the rest of the second period, leading 7-0 with a gaudy 4:10 of riding time entering period three. Ming scored his only point of the match on an escape in the third period as Zach finished with an 8-1 decision and 4:10 of riding time. To put that in the perspective of another sport where riding is key, that’s over twice as long as the amount of time (2:01.57) it took Mage to complete his surprise come-from-behind victory by two lengths in the 2023 Kentucky Derby.


As you learned at the very beginning of this article, nights like this are few and far in-between for Mizzou wrestling. It’s truly a shame very few people were able to see this dual because it was on the soon-to-be-defunct Pac 12 Network, because this match was beautiful to watch. The Tigers will return to action at the UNI Open in lovely Cedar Falls, Iowa, on Saturday, January 20. The meet starts at 8 a.m., so you’re free to watch and eat your pancakes or waffles or eggs as you cheer on the Tigers.