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Mizzou Athletics Odds & Ends for a blustery Friday

Mizzou Links for Friday, January 12 (i.e. something to tide you over til my mega gym preview)

Well, we’ve reached the end of my Links week trifecta, and I’m tired from all my links writing and gymnastics content, so let’s just get to some highlights from Eli’s recent chat at STL Today, shall we?

Answers have been cut off so you, you know, read the chat yourself.

On how Butler & Pierce get more playing time (and don’t go portal-ing in the offseason)

... Ideally, Pierce’s shot would settle. It’s getting there but not where he or anyone else wants it to be... For Butler, it’s timing on the defensive end of the floor. When I talked to him before the season started, that’s what he said felt like the biggest adjustment — timing his jumps to try and block SEC-level slashers and bigs at the rim.

I’d be surprised if their playing time/roles is any sort of surprise to them, though. Gates made clear going into this season who the experienced leaders would be — and that they would get the minutes. Every opportunity is earned...

On the current biggest issues with Mizzou Hoops:

The first is defense. Undersized guys (Honor, Carter, even East at times) get hunted by other offenses. Shaw is the best defender on other teams’ fives, but he doesn’t grab enough rebounds for Gates to keep him on the floor. Pick and roll coverage gets split open a lot of the time. It seems like a personnel thing more than a scheme, though...

The second is shot allotment. East, who’s been shooting above 50% from 3 all year, has taken four 3s in SEC play... Honor seems to get 10 or so shots per game but hasn’t been making enough to suggest that volume is a sustainably good idea unless he snaps out of this slump...

And finally, the big picture. The freshmen are good. Next year’s freshmen will also be good. So does the switch have to flip to a developmental focus at some point? Gates is very attached to guys like East, Honor, Carter and Majak who have been around the program and been with him for at least a couple years. He’s not going to easily or lightly cut their playing time to punt on this season and give young players developmental time...

In response to a jayhawk entering the chat (HA!)

I think you might have landed in the wrong chat. I didn’t watch Kansas lose to UCF last night, but that was a surprising result — even with seemingly every basketball team getting upset this week.

An important sidenote on transfers due to Baker leaving

The portal doesn’t open for coordinators leaving and incoming freshmen have already signed and still locked in. Mizzou will get to make a hire and have said DC lead spring ball practices before players have a chance to transfer.

On if any of the incoming transfers look like starters

Besides Pride, Green and Carroll , Noel, the new RB add, should be in the mix too. Any of the D-linemen will have a shot, assuming it’s a rotation again. Flagg will have a shot as a linebacker. Darris Smith on the edge, too...

On the turnaround of the O-Line

The O-line’s turnaround really can’t be understated. That group was incredible — and incredibly important. What was also important: The O-line’s health. That starting five was the same starting five for every game. The only real significant role any back-up had to play was after Membou was ejected in the Arkansas game. But yes, the whole right side and center will return... Who will play on the left with Cayden Green will be a spring ball battle to watch...

On the status of Mizzou Women’s Hoops & Coach Pingeton’s future

Injuries have been so brutal. Angie Ngalakulondi seemed like the right fit as a big, but then she got hurt and still isn’t ready to return. Averi Kroenke was going to be a big part of this team defensively. And Mama Dembele is day-to-day after the pretty bad looking injury against Alabama, which is the best case scenario given how bad it looked live. Dembele missing any game especially is painful for this team. But yes, it’s going to be very tough for this team to make the tournament.

And yes, based on Desiree Reed-Francois’ comments last year, that would mean the end of Robin Pingeton’s tenure. The young players with his program — Judd, Slaughter, Schreacke in particular — are big parts of this team, though. If they left as a result of a coaching change, that could set this program back.

Because this fits here, I’ll add this bit from coaching legend Dawn Staley, who talked about Mama Dembele and her impact after Thursday’s game

On to the Links!

My giant gymnastics meet preview comes out early this morning. Make sure you check it out, and tune in to Friday Night Sights at 6pm on SEC Network to watch our girls kill it.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

Newsy Stuff

Missouri (11-2): A+: What a story Missouri became. Its former Division II running back, Cody Schrader, earned All-America selection. Its previously maligned quarterback, Brady Cook, became a star. The offensive line wreaked havoc. The defense, led by a disruptive front, proved stingy. This was Missouri’s best team since its 2013 squad won the SEC East. Missouri’s coordinators worked wonders. Taking their lead from coach Eliah Drinkwitz, the Tigers were determined to prove doubters wrong. They did, from start to finish.

Gabe DeArmond shares this tidbit about Gary Pinkel’s thoughts on Nick Saban:

Social Media Shenanigans

  • Welcome back, Tyler Stephens!
  • Let’s talk beige flags with Mizzou Gymnastics!
  • Great work, 12. See ya next season!
  • Sean East II, future NBA Summer League star? I’d love to see it.
  • If you’re a D1 Softball subscriber — it’s about time for me to re-up mine — you can check out Mya Dodge as an impact mid-major transfer.
  • New Mizzou merch alert from one of my shops, Charlie Hustle Co. Loving some of these designs!
  • Lot of St. Louis area meets on the schedule for Mizzou Club Hockey, it seems
  • Matthew is fully entrenched in #WrestlingTwitter now

Mizzou in the Pros

**I’ll get back to adding their stats again next week. I got a bit behind with it**

  • Kobeeeeee (Clips)

I think he’s back with the G-League Ontario Clippers now after sitting for many of the recent games— when the whole team is healthy, there just isn’t a lot of minutes for Kob :(

  • D’Moi Hodge (free agent)— waived by the STUPID Lakers to make moves for trade DL
  • Jurassic Jontay (2-way Raptors 905/Toronto) - currently with TOR
  • MPJ (Nuggies)
  • JC (Jazz)
  • Zay (Wisconsin Herd, Bucks G-League)

12/xx v. xx (W xx): x min | xpts on x FG (x-x 3PT) | x REB | x BLK | x STL | x TO | x PF | +/-

12/xx v. xx (W xx): x min | xpts on x FG (x-x 3PT) | x REB | x BLK | x STL | x TO | x PF | +/-

  • Tilly (Greensboro Swarm, Hornets G-League)

12/xx v. xx (W xx): x min | xpts on x FG (x-x 3PT) | x REB | x BLK | x STL | x TO | x PF | +/-

12/xx v. xx (W xx): x min | xpts on x FG (x-x 3PT) | x REB | x BLK | x STL | x TO | x PF | +/-

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