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LOOK: Mizzou Basketball unveils new gold alternate uniform with Block M

Everyone is talking ‘bout these new gold alts!

mizzou hoops gold alternate

Matt Harris should be writing this post.

After all, he’s the throwback king, begging and pleading with Mizzou Athletics to use the images and icons of uniforms from bygone eras. Me? I’m the guy who doesn’t really care much about the outfits. As long as the players are happy putting them on I don’t really mind what the team wears.

I know everyone speaks out against the old gold alternate uniforms, but I didn’t think they were all that bad. My only (very minor) complaint was that I didn’t think the black flames or tiger stripes or whatever they are on the shorts look good. But otherwise they were fine and seemed to fit with the theme of what Nike was doing with alterate uniforms.

But no matter, Mizzou has made the call after much cajolling to return to it’s roots with a new gold alternate uniform. Here they are:

Everyone get excited! Especially Matt for getting one of his many, many, many, tweets on the subject added to the official video. Here are the shots in stills, from @MizzouHoops on Twitter:

mizzou hoops gold alternate @MizzouHoops - Twitter
mizzou hoops gold alternate uniform @MizzouHoops - Twitter
mizzou hoops gold alternate uniform @MizzouHoops - Twitter

The good? I do like gold uniforms because they can be worn both at home and away. Versatility! These do have a classic look. The bad? The NCAA has uniform rules which means the old school offset number on the front is no longer allowed. So the number is centered and if you ask me, I think it looks a bit odd.

I do like these better than the other gold version, and the shorts complete with the old pay print are excellent.

Mizzou wore the white version of this uniform for the Iowa State game last year and if you remember the way that game went, let’s hope the gold alternates provide a similar result.

What’s your take? Good? Bad? Indifferent?