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Welker, Moore meet with media ahead of Saturday’s meet in Athens

Mizzou Links for Friday, January 19, 2024

Tumblin Tigers Time!

Welcome, friends, back to extended story hour. In today’s feature, Mizzou gym head coach Shannon Welker and Miss Ten, Jocelyn Moore, met with the media — there were three of us this time! — to talk about last week’s meet at Alabama, landings, rotations, favorite teachers, NFL rivalries, and much more. Let’s get to it.

On the message to the team after Alabama (last week’s meet):

“I think sometimes in the moment in the heat of the battle, it sometimes can appear or feel worse than it is. I always try to give myself about 24 hours to watch the video, go back, and then just kind of evaluate. I actually thought we did a pretty good job. I know our scores weren’t indicative of that overall, and a little bit on bars. I thought we did a fairly good job on bars... We’re in a subjective sport, so, you know, you can’t always control everything. So I thought we actually did a really good job.”

“I thought floor and vault were really pretty solid for us. You know, beam wasn’t our strongest, and we were obviously a little bit wobbly, and just not as solid as we’ve normally been. But I think there was some value in what we did. I saw a lot of toughness and not just jumping off the beam. I think that’s sometimes easy to do for kids, if it’s not perfect, to just give up on it. And I was really actually proud of them for doing that. Because I think that will pay off down the road.” —Shannon Welker

On the new “stick” rule and on the landings overall:

“I personally think it’s a good rule... I think it allows the gymnast to actually settle into their landings and find control before saluting. It’s always in the back of my mind about holding the landing for those two seconds. It just allows me to focus on actually finding the landing first. It’s gotten me in the first two meets that we’ve been at, so just trying to actually dial in on the landings and just be patient with finishing.” —Junior Jocelyn Moore

“ I think definitely that [the new stick rule] has been one of the biggest changes this year or points of emphasis probably for us and many teams out there. Not too much, but sometimes we find ourselves getting a little bit ahead of the finish. But overall, we really haven’t had too many deductions... I think those numbers will certainly improve as we kind of move through the season and settle in.”

“From the onset of the preseason, and even the summer prior, the big focus was a lot of landings, and just details. And so, we spent Monday and Tuesday really kind of hammering home those points, and just really being intentional about landings. And again, just a little bit of form, kind of pointed feet, and straight legs, and all those things that will really be difference makers for us. So that’s kind of been the focus so far.”

“The first competition out, we were at 50% on our sticks [measuring vault, bars & beam]. Last weekend, we were not quite as good, we were about 33%. Because we’re definitely capable of hitting routines... We just usually focus on where’s the biggest deduction coming from? Let’s hit on that right there. Most of those routines are pretty good as long as we take care of the landings.” —Shannon Welker

On Moore’s evaluation of her season thus far and being thisclose to a 10 on FX:

“Being a junior at this point, I kind of know how things go now, so just being able to have fun and just taking every moment because eventually it’s going to be over. And I’m going to look back and wish I had fun while I was doing these things. So, I mean, even if I’m not perfect, even if I do mess up or have like small deductions in the routine, just still staying present, like I was saying, and just being able to follow through with what I’m doing. And if there is a deduction, not give up too many just keep going with the flow and just do what I know how to do.” —Jocelyn Moore

“I think we can find three or four more years of elgiblity.” —Shannon Welker, interjecting

“ I know that if I keep doing what I’m doing, eventually your score will show and I’m just happy that I’m at this stage early in the season and that I can be as close to perfect as possible. But also I’m not just focusing on being perfect. I’m focusing on the details that go into what I’m doing and just staying present in the moment during each skill.” —Moore

On the changes in floor routines between this year and last year (my question):

“Well, I would definitely say Jackie Terpac [new assistant coach, choreographer]; she plays a huge role in our routines. And the thing is, I feel like last year, we were focusing a lot on the elements of the routine rather than the dance. And although the elements is what gets scored, the dance is also very important, too. So Jackie, she finds like little pieces in the floor routine, where she’s like, look here or do this here just to engage the crowd, because that’s also a big factor. And you don’t want the judge to be bored while you’re doing gymnastics, you want them to be engaged in your routine, too. So I think it’s also really important to not only focus on the elements, but to also focus on the choreography and the dance.” —Jocelyn Moore

“We’re kind of in an entertainment industry, you know. It’s a sport, don’t get me wrong, but we’re out there to entertain our fans. And =it’s kind of a mix of athletic event and kind of Broadway show. It’s kind of that combination right there. So I think we just try to embrace that and have fun with it. And you know, when there’s no defense out there, really, we can just focus on our process and just having fun, and really putting on a good show for our fans.” —Shannon Welker

On the focus areas heading into the meet with Georgia:

“I’ve been pleased with our preparation. There’s a quick turnaround time, and we typically have about three practices roughly between competitions. Today (Wednesday) is kind of an off day, and then we train tomorrow, and then we’re on the road. So I’ve actually been really pleased with our preparation this week already. I think we’ve put in some good work and the efforts been been at a high level. And I think people are hungry to get out there and show like, ‘Hey, we can do better than what we did last weekend.’ Not that it was terrible. But I think we’re better than that. And so, yeah, I think just focusing on pulling some confidence from our preparation and from our training.” -Shannon Welker

On lineup changes (or maybe not?):

“If we want to try out other opportunities, the month of January is a great time to do that. Because we want to kind of get settled in hopefully a little bit more as we hit the back end of February... We always want to put people in positions to be highly successful. And I think we’re almost there on maybe debuting a few other routines. That fourth one [on vault] is JJ [Jachna], and she’s getting real close. This is really like her freshman year, even though she’s a sophomore, because she was out last year with a little back thing. I feel like she’s getting better and better. Sometime in the next couple of weeks we’ll see her in the lineup.” [She has a 10.0 start value so having her in the lineup is huge.]

“Last weekend on floor we switched Kennedy and Rayna out and I might put Rayna in this weekend and take Kennedy out. They both are doing a good job, but you want to keep giving them opportunities. I think we may see a change on beam, we might change up the lineup. I think vault will probably stay the same. And, you know, we may have a change on bars.” —Shannon Welker

Feelings about this year’s team so far (my question):

”That’s a good question.. I think definitely, our fight. Like Shannon was saying earlier, there’s a lot of times where people can easily just give up and like in the middle of a routine, just throw it all away. But honestly, knowing that it’s not over to over till it’s over. And I think going up against SEC teams like this, it’s really going to come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes. So just being able to finish the routine, how you want to finish your team and knowing that you don’t know what the other team is doing. And we don’t really know what’s going on with the scores. So just being able to like focus on what we’re doing and just finish the routine how we want.” —Jocelyn Moore

On Jocelyn’s favorite professor instructor in the J-School (Shannon’s question):

“Karen, of course.” —Jocelyn Moore (hey, that’s me! I burst out laughing because I had no idea that was coming or that Shannon even knew Joci was in my class)

On NFL rivalries:

“You know, Jocelyn. She’s a diehard Bills fan. And obviously, we in Missouri, here are diehard Chiefs fans, so we go back and forth all the time.” —Shannon Welker

Georgia Gym preview coming later on today!

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