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Tobias Ten: Hoops Week

RMN’s staff photographer breaks down some images from this week of Mizzou hoops.

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Regarding this week in Missouri sports here in the city of Columbia, it’s been nothing but hoops and more hoops. Midway through the conference slate, both the men and the women hosted SEC opponents this week at Mizzou Arena, and lost all three games.

It’s tough to produce many good photos when the teams aren’t winning or playing particularly well in general, but believe me, I try my best! And don’t get discouraged, fans, softball (and wrestling & gymnastics) looks great so far and baseball is right around the corner!

As Tom Boswell said, “Football means Winter’s Here. Baseball means Spring’s Coming.”

Until then, here is the Feb 5-12 Tobias Ten! It’s the day after a random Sunday in Missouri, so obviously this column should be the number one sports update on everyone’s mind. There shouldn’t be anything else going on that I can think of?

(There are zero sports at home next week, so in turn there will be no column. Maybe I’ll throw up some shots from last season so we can remember what a good team looks like.)

  1. Noah Chance
Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

It’s a familiar scene to Missouri fans– a player (Carter, Honor, whomever) drives to the paint and several defenders immediately converge on him. Carter, it should go without saying, did not score here.

2. Mizzou vs Refs??

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

I feel like every game I get a bunch of these. Here’s Anthony Robinson II utterly shocked at a referee call in the A&M game. Seems like Mizzou is always mad at some call or another. What we really need is Jeffrey Anderson, the legendary High Knees Ref, back at Mizzou Arena.

3. Keep Ya Head Up

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

I’m a big fan of the tradition where the players, coaches, Golden Girls, etc., form a semicircle around the student section and hear the band (who I love, by the way, I love bands) play the alma mater. Lately, it’s begun to feel like a funeral march, with players’ faces showing exactly how they felt about the game’s outcome.

In 2019, UCLA center Moses Brown threw the ball out of bounds in overtime at Oregon, turning over the ball. He sulked away, head down, until his teammate Jaylen Hands took Brown’s chin in his hands and lifted it up. Until Missouri can find our Jaylen Hands, their chins will remain down.

4. Players keep falling on my head

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Three different times this week, players have fallen on or near me: Curt Lewis once and Mama Dembele twice. (Tyrece Radford of Texas A&M spared me by hurdling me.) Here’s Dembele after she fell right next to me. Not since the Memphis game, when an opposing player barrelled right into photo row, have we seen such carnage.

5. Field day

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Love or hate them, the Antlers may be one of the most entertaining things in Mizzou Arena, ever since Red Panda left. They had open season on Mississippi State the other day, even openly exchanging volleys of insults with the State boosters behind their bench after the game. Truly, they may be our strongest (and most offensive) soldiers.

6. Loose ball drill!

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

One of my favorite things about Mama Dembele is her skill on defense. If you are traveling from one side of the court to the other with the ball, when guarded by Dembele, there is no guarantee you will still possess the ball by the time you get to the other side. Here’s one of her four steals.

7. Guards! Seize him!

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

I just found something funny in Noah Carter trying to guard a guy who’s lying down on the ground as if he’s upright. (Andersson Garcia of A&M did end up getting the pass off.)

8. The real MVP

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Jon Lieber, one of those in charge of The Zou student section, seen here juxtaposed against the massive Crying Jordan cutout. The Zou has no shortage of giant cardboard cutouts, some greatest hits include Patrick Star and the Dennis “album cover” meme.

9. See Why

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

At the end of Dennis Gates’s Mississippi State press conference, he urged all of us not to consider associate HC C.Y. Young a “traitor” for rooting for Auburn over Mizzou in the women’s game the following day– Young’s daughter, he explained, Audia, plays on the Auburn team.

10. I Don’t Like

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

It’s true, the women’s game against Auburn was not the only important sporting event that day– some team from KC played San Francisco in Las Vegas. This one fan, whose commitment to the bit I respect immensely, always shows up wearing the jersey of whomever the Chiefs are playing that week. Sunday it was a San Fran Christian McCaffrey jersey, a few weeks ago it was a Lamar Jackson Ravens, before that a Josh Allen Bills… But, due to the nature of the Chiefs, every week, the team he wears has lost, and Sunday was no exception, with the Niners losing in overtime.