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Tobias Ten: Variety Week

A breakdown of this week’s ten best photos from RMN’s staff photographer

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

It’s been a down week for Missouri sports. Basketball hosted Arkansas and lost, then lost on the road, too. Wrestling lost on the road to #14 Cornell and then hosted #3 Oklahoma State in a highly promoted matchup that they also lost. The only teams who won were gymnastics (on the road vs. Texas Woman’s), tennis (on the road vs. James Madison), track & field (some individual wins in Manhattan, KS) and softball (because it was an intrasquad scrimmage). So I guess you could say that Mizzou did win at softball, though it could also be said that they lost. Kind of a glass-half-full situation.

Anyway, I was there at the Hearnes, Mizzou Arena, and the Mizzou Softball Stadium (can we please get a real name for some of these soon?) for three of these events.

  1. Blocked out
Arkansas forward Jalen Graham blocks a shot from Mizzou guard Anthony Robinson II during a game on Jan. 31. (Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation)

Here, Arkansas’s Jalen Graham blocks a shot from Anthony Robinson II. Arkansas’ paint defense was widely credited with getting them the win. Down on the floor, it was even more apparent, as Arky seemed to always be taller and always be covering whoever was trying to score.

It’s tough to post all this material of Mizzou losing every week, but sadly, such is the story of this team. But there is a cure to these woes! Simply go on YouTube and search “Mizzou vs Tennessee basketball Gholston.”

2. Tripped up

Mizzou forward Noah Carter is tripped up by Arkansas forward Jalen Graham in a game on Feb. 31 at Mizzou Arena. (Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation)

Vertical shots are fun! Here, Noah Carter lost the ball against the same Jalen Graham. Basketball is a naturally very vertical game, and sometimes I’m able to frame it just right.

(In case the woes persist, search up “Mizzou vs Iowa State 2023.”)

3. Take it away

Missouri players Mabor Majak, left, and Tamar Bates, reach for a rebound in a game against Arkansas on Jan. 31. Missouri was out-rebounded in the 91-84 loss, 35 rebounds to 26. (Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation)

This picture of Mabor Majak, Tamar Bates, and Arkansas’ Layden Blocker (who, I am outraged to report, has only six blocks on the season) has so many stray hands thrashing around that it warrants suspicion of being created by AI, or Photoshop (as my editor charged! Editor’s note: It’s true! It looks fake it’s so amazing)

But, if you count, you’ll find that all is well; there are six hands and three players. No funny disembodied hands, this isn’t The Last Supper.

5. Race to the base

Freshman Abby Hay (36 in gold) attempts to catch a runner returning to 1B. Hay played baseball at Rock Bridge HS until 10th grade. Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

I’m a big fan of photographs with undefined endings, like a ball just out of a mitt before a catch. Did that center fielder really catch that? (Secret: You can publish that photo and everyone will assume he did, whether he did or not.) In this one from Saturday’s softball Black & Gold Game, Gold Team pitcher Nathalie Touchet’s attempt to pick off Black Team catcher Stefania Abruscato was late, and the catcher, who had the game’s first RBI, was safe.

6. You got it

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Gold Team first baseman Abby Hay grabbed this pop fly way into foul territory to end the inning. (Which inning?** Beats me, the scoreboard was disconnected; at the game they said this was because a new scoreboard/video board was to be installed soon.)

**Karen’s recap answers this question

7. Locked up

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

On to wrestling! Here, Missouri’s Josh Edmond and Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix were engaged in a hold on each other. This happens a lot, but in this case I was pretty low and close so I was able to lock in on them. It was my first time doing wrestling– pretty fun!

8. Perry the... coach?

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Don’t you just love it when a coach looks exactly like what you think a coach of their sport ought to look like? Take Clint Hurtt, the Eagles’ new D-line coach, who looks like he could go in at defensive tackle today. Well, Okie State assistant coach Chris Perry, seen here probably yelling “GO!!!” looks, in the best way possible, like he should be coaching wrestling. Or offensive line.

9. But I Get Up Again

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

We all hate to see injuries, but boy, can they make great pictures. Okie State’s Brayden Thompson was bleeding from just above his nose shortly after his contest started, was patched up by the trainer, then went back in and this time was hit in his mouth. Still, he bested Mizzou’s Peyton Mocco, wiping the blood from his face as he was announced the winner.

10. Eye Spy

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

Mizzou’s Clayton Whiting found himself pinned down here by Oklahoma State’s Dustin Plott, ranked second in the nation for his weight. He did manage to escape later, but Plott took the win in a rather embarrassing rout for fifth-ranked Mizzou.