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MIZ-ZOOM: Stick to the Plan

With several players out due to COVID, Coach Drink gave an update on prep for Alabama Week 1

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was just Drink today as he addressed the media during Mizzou’s midweek availability.

Drink confirmed there were 12 players missing at practice today. Whether due to positive COVID tests or just simply contact tracing remains unknown. As the season approaches, Drink was questioned on how this affects the team’s prep for Week 1 and his response seemed fairly optimistic as he replied, “Just got to make do. We are going to tee it up September 26th and the state of Missouri will be ready, so we will be, too.”

He was also asked about the possibility of the game being postponed or not happening due to the positives, to which he answered, “I don’t know... I can’t forecast the future. If I could, I would have reinvested in the stock market.” Drink may not always have the answers we are looking for, but you can count on him to have snarky reply.

In other news, Drink confirmed the opt-outs of WR Maurice Massey and DT Chris Daniels. When asked about how those situations are handled, Drink said, “We wish them well, then we focus on the guys that are here and can help us win.”

The final topics of discussion revolved around the new offense. Drink offered some concern about a lack of chemistry with the offense due to COVID and injuries, especially on the offensive line. While he did say the offense is installed completely, the situation has been “not ideal from a consistency standpoint.”

With the news of Taylor Powell’s transfer, the QB situation was brought back up, and again, Drink refused to comment. With the season only 10 days away, it looks like Drink will stick to his word and make us wait it out to the very bitter end as the Tigers take the field on September 26th. Until then, we can keep guessing.