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Talkin’ SEC Media Days, the Smiths, and the NCAA’s amateurism model

Carrington Harrison joins Sam and Matt on the newest episode of Dive Cuts!

Q&A with Torrence Watson

Carrington Harrison chatted with Mizzou’s highest-rated 2018 signee.

“We only humans, we make mistakes”

On how to feel about Jordan Barnett.

Jontay Porter is a once-in-a-generation talent in his own right

In an alternate universe, he’s terrorizing mid-Missouri high school teams right now.

Missouri’s point guard math isn’t straightforward

That was made abundantly clear on Sunday night.

Can Barry Odom’s Tigers finish the season comeback?

"Those who win in November will be remembered."

Sunday’s exhibition was a clear reminder that the Mizzou-Kansas rivalry still matters

"I had forgotten how much fun Missouri basketball is when it matters. I had also forgotten how much fun cheering against Kansas is. It had been a while."

The good guys don’t always win

A guest post from Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports in Kansas City about Missouri’s Kim Anderson and how the good guys don’t always win.