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Jarrett Sutton is a former Mizzou Basketball player from 2008 - 2012 where he was a part of four straight NCAA tournament teams. Since graduating Jarrett has worked as a basketball scout, and SEC basketball color commentator as well as finding time to write for RockMNation.

Mizzou Basketball Position Previews: The Post Players

We’re wrapping up our position previews with a look at the big boys down low.

Mizzou Basketball Position Previews: The Combo Forwards

Mizzou Basketball Position Previews: The Wings

We’re 8 days away, folks. Let’s talk about the wings today.

Mizzou Basketball position previews: The combo guards

A look at Mizzou’s combo guards for the 17-18 season, including a grad transfer, two juniors and one freshman

Remembering a Rivalry: 2009 Mizzou-Kansas

With Missouri and Kansas scheduled to (sort of) renew their basketball rivalry in the name of charity this coming Sunday, let's dust a Jarrett Sutton classic. Any reason is a good reason to talk about Zaire Taylor, right?

PODCAST! Rock M Radio Presents: Bench Minutes

Sam and Jarrett are back with another episode of Bench Minutes

PODCAST: Bench Minutes with Sam and Jarrett

Mizzou Hoops and an Interview with Earl Austin Jr.

It is a new day for Mizzou

Missouri’s turnaround began when Jim Sterk was hired as athletic director. It will continue.

PODCAST: The latest on Mizzou Hoops

Welcome to episode 1 of a new podcast with Sam Snelling and Jarrett Sutton where there is lots of Mizzou basketball to talk about

More players should find a way to embrace development

Jarrett Sutton breaks down the importance of player development in college basketball and the challenges coaches face with young talent.