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Hey I'm Levi! Currently living in Ohio with my wife and four kids. Grew up in CoMo, though, and miss it like crazy. I am an optimistic Mizzou and KC sports fan that has experienced so much sporting heartbreak that my emotions might be calloused to the pain of a crushing loss. When I am not being a dad or husband or watching sports, I love playing basketball, shooting photos/video, and being out in the world.

God Bless the Block-M Threads and Old Big 12 Matchups.

The boys are back as Matt and Sam preview Iowa St. and more in this episode of Dive Cuts.

Welcome to Mizzou, Jake Garcia. And other roster news.

There were quite a few transfers in and out of Mizzou to talk about in this peak offseason episode of Before the Box Score.

Can Mizzou grab another top-25 win this week?!

On a new episode of Dive Cuts, cohosted by The Matts, they recap the last week and preview Bama.


Listen to this episode of Before the Box Score to find out how Mizzou can follow the path of TCU and make it to the National Championship.

We are getting into the heart of SEC play. So what’s next for Mizzou?

After recapping last week, Matt and Sam look ahead at the coming opponents in this week’s episode of Dive Cuts.

Two top-25 wins! Let’s recap and look ahead.

In this episode of Dive Cuts, Matt and Sam dive deep into what propelled Mizzou to two huge program victories.

The season is over. So what’s next for Eli and the Mizzou program?

The loss doesn’t mean much, but now Eli has an offseason to figure out what the heck to do with this offense.



A National Signing Day and Gasparilla Bowl deep dive.

This episode of Before the Box Score has Nate and BK talking about two things. The awesome NSD Mizzou had and the tough bowl game against Wake Forest.

Will Mizzou have the right to brag? It’ll be tough, but we’ll find out soon.

But before Sam and Matt preview the Illinois game, they recap the big UCF win in this week’s Dive Cuts podcast episode.