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Hey I'm Levi! Currently living in Ohio with my wife and four kids. Grew up in CoMo, though, and miss it like crazy. I am an optimistic Mizzou and KC sports fan that has experienced so much sporting heartbreak that my emotions might be calloused to the pain of a crushing loss. When I am not being a dad or husband or watching sports, I love playing basketball, shooting photos/video, and being out in the world.

Rock M Radio Presents: The Baseball Pod.

That’s right, we are talking about Mizzou Baseball!

Dive Cuts rewind: a Connor Vanover breakdown.

Taking a look at Mizzou Basketball’s latests big commitment.

Goodbye Mizzou legend, Kobe Brown. We will miss you.

As we say wish Kobe well, we look ahead to what’s next for Missouri basketball.

You’re going to hate everything said in this show.

And that’s exactly why you should check it out.

Addressing the Caleb Love rumors and more recruiting notes.

It’s been quiet on the Mizzou basketball front as Matt and Sam get you up to speed on all the news on this episode of Dive Cuts.

Could this be Eli’s best offensive line at Mizzou?

Nate and BK discuss the portal and the current roster in this episode of Before the Box Score.

Does Mizzou really need a big transfer?

As the portal dries up, so does Mizzou’s chances at landing a big man. So, what should they do?

Discussing Mizzou’s roster, its needs, and the portal.

It’s time we fully trust Dennis Gates, so let’s talk about that in this episode of Dive Cuts.

What QB battle??

This episode of BTBS has it all. QB1, the transfer portal, Deion Sanders, and more.

Portal updates, roster math, and Kobe news

In this new Dive Cuts episode, we’re providing Mizzou portal updates and diving deep into the Jesus Carralero commitment