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Hey I'm Levi! Currently living in Ohio with my wife and four kids. Grew up in CoMo, though, and miss it like crazy. I am an optimistic Mizzou and KC sports fan that has experienced so much sporting heartbreak that my emotions might be calloused to the pain of a crushing loss. When I am not being a dad or husband or watching sports, I love playing basketball, shooting photos/video, and being out in the world.

Goodbye to Love.

Here’s your weekly Dive Cuts, Mizzou transfer portal update!

Mizzou Football offseason update!

Offensive line targets, NIL, expanded playoff, and more are discussed on this episode of BTBS!

You’ll Love this episode of Dive Cuts.

Get it? Caleb Love is the main topic of discussion in this Mizzou portal talk-filled episode of Dive Cuts.

Welcome John Tonje! And some more roster talk.

Dive Cuts is back to dive deep into recruiting and Mizzou’s potential roster.

It’s time to talk about the offensive line.

This episode of BTBS includes discussing the o-line, recruiting, and recapping the spring football game.

A bitter end to a beautiful season. What’s next?

Breaking down Mizzou’s March Madness and looking ahead to the offseason roster movement.


Mizzou is dancing as we brace for a tough first round matchup with Utah St.

A new era for Rock M Nation media.

Out with old. In with the new, this is the new Rock M Radio!

Spring football is here, Mizzou fans!

BK and Nate get together to discuss injuries, depth chart questions, and more, as Mizzou kicks off preparations for a new season.

A Rock M Radio SEC Tournament Preview!

Mizzou finished the season on a 4-win streak, setting them up for a double bye. Let's dig into the games!