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PODCAST: Let’s talk about the science of building a roster

Sam and Data Matt discuss the science of roster creation and all that comes into play with it. And some Mizzou football (sorry).

Turnovers: A Plan for Mizzou’s Defense?

Can a renewed emphasis on turnover creation bring Mizzou’s defense back?

Rock M Roundtable: Where does Mizzou Hoops stand in the remade SEC?

The coaching carousel did a number on the SEC. With so many new faces in place, how do we assess the state of Missouri’s rebuild?

Mizzou Hoops Mailbag: Summer Edition

Tiger fans have submitted their hoops questions; we provide our answers.

Rock M Roundtable: How do familiar faces factor into Dennis Gates’ plans?

Dennis Gates’ first roster is full of brand new faces, but there are a few returning pieces who will play big roles. How do they fit into this puzzle?


With the HUGE Isiaih Mosley commitment, where does this put the Mizzou basketball program this coming season?

Isiaih Mosley commits to Mizzou

The Columbia native is coming home, and the Tigers have an elite scorer on the roster.

Rock M Roundtable: Let’s talk about JUCO!

Dennis Gates made good on his reputation for recruiting the JUCO ranks. What can Mizzou fans expect from this approach?

Rock M Roundtable: What to make of Dennis Gates’ roster rebuild?

In his first few months at Mizzou, Dennis Gates has almost entirely upended the roster. How does that translate to next season?

‘He Gets His Guys’: How Dennis Gates uses JUCO talent to rebuild

Increasingly, the transfer portal has become a go-to for coaches looking to quickly retool a roster. But Missouri’s new head man found success through a different market.