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The Verdict: Mizzou Hoops Roster Building Series Part IV — Charting the Path Forward

Part IV: A culmination of evidence has led to one question, and one question only: Can This Roster Strategy Work?

Who comes back and who Mizzou targets in the portal next season

Dennis has a lot of work to do the coming offseason. What moves does he make?

The Verdict: Mizzou Hoops Program Building Series Part III — A Volatile Industry

Part III: A tumultuous three years have changed the College Basketball landscape by drastically altering the rules under every program must operate.

The Verdict: Mizzou Hoops Program Building Series Part II — A History Lesson

Part II: A review of the late-2010s Florida State Seminoles run to prominence and the underlying characteristics of their rosters.

Mizzou is not a bad basketball team

While the results haven’t been great, this is still a Dennis Gates team with a lot of fight.

The Verdict: Mizzou Hoops Program Building Series Part I — A 24 Month Checkup

Part I: A recap and analysis of the Mizzou Basketball Roster situation through the first two years of the Dennis Gates era

The Verdict: A Sidebar on Mizzou Basketball’s Double Crunch

Mizzou’s roster depth issues are causing problems on two fronts, both of which have contributed to their 0-4 start in league play.

At what point does Mizzou start building for next year?

Rebuilds are normal, so when does Dennis Gates start looking ahead?

The Verdict: Braggin’ Rights Autopsy

Mizzou came to St. Louis looking for a performance to rejuvenate their campaign. They left with a landslide defeat.

The Verdict: Braggin’ Rights Pre-Game Keys

Mizzou has one last chance to notch their marquee win of the non-conference schedule. What will the Tigers need to do to claim Braggin’ Rights?