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Coaching Search Bracket: Jeff Linder vs. Todd Golden

Todd Golden’s elevated San Francisco over three seasons, but he didn’t do the heaviest lifting for the Dons. Meanwhile, Jeff Linder’s a rebuild specialist, but will that process — especially recruiting — scale up?

Coaching Search Bracket: Kyle Smith vs. The Field

Kyle Smith’s quietly deployed a Moneyball approach to make over Washington State, arguably the toughest high-major job in the country. Or do you want to bet on an unknown coming out of nowhere?

Coaching Search Bracket: Kevin Willard vs. Dana Altman

Kevin Willard steadily remade Seton Hall into a rugged defensive outfit in the Big East — and did it on a relative shoestring. Dana Altman’s taken Oregon to a Final Four, but is he itching to get back to his Midwest roots?

Coaching Search Bracket: Chris Mack vs. Thad Matta

Chris Mack entered buyout life after a midseason separation from Louisville. As for Thad Matta, back issues forced him to step away at Ohio State, but could Missouri be a place for him to step back into coaching?

Coaching Search Bracket: Matt McMahon vs. Grant McCasland

Matt McMahon’s the latest in an assembly line of coaches churned out by Murray State, while Grant McCasland’s no-middle defense has rejuvenated a moribund North Texas program.

Coaching Search Bracket: Kim English vs. Todd Golden

Kim English only has a season under his belt at George Mason, but his fast rise inspires hope. And out west, Todd Golden’s elevated a San Francisco program he inherited three seasons ago.

Film Room: Arkansas v2.0

A disaster, but one with film worth cutting!

Film Room: Ole Miss v2.0

Cuts, Rim attacks, maybe some gut... we’ll see who knows?

Film Room: Vanderbilt

A road trip to Nashville looked a little too much like early season Missouri.

Film Room: Texas A&M v2.0