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All things college football.

It’s portal season, baby. This is the ultimate kick-off.

This episode of Before the Box Score discusses heavily the transfer portal season. Who is out, who is in, who is being’s all covered here.

Beyond The Box Score: Optimized

The best version of the ‘22 Tigers came to play on Black Friday

UPDATED: Transfer Portal Losses and Acquisitions for 2022-2023

The transfer portal giveth and taketh away

Roster Math: Pre-Portal Analysis

Stuff’s going to get weird. Let’s get a count before we head into the abyss.

After a HUGE win against Arkansas, the portal is where our focus shifts next.

And while the portal is a big topic of discussion in this episode of Before the Box Score, the guys still find time to discuss bowl game possibilities for the Tigers.

BREAKING: 3-Star Louisiana Wide Receiver Commits to Mizzou

This is Missouri’s 14th commitment of the 2023 class.

Come for the Arkansas preview, stay for the heated Thanksgiving food debate.

In this episode of Before the Box Score, the guys discuss Mizzou’s keys to victory.

LOOK: Final Shirts and Pants Reveal for the ‘23 Regular Season

A classic look plus a new twist

Opponents Preview: Arkansas Razorbacks


This stream has:

Mizzou Football in 2022: Week 13 vs. Arkansas Razorbacks