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All things college football.

2022 Football Opponent Previews: A Recap

I previewed all the teams. Here are some interesting things to note at the end.

Missouri Reacts Survey: Who Will Be QB1 in 2022 ANSWERED

And, folks, it was a blow out

Super Conferences, Mizzou, and You: A Primer

The best way to get to where you want to go is to figure out where you currently are

2022 Football Opponent Previews: Arkansas Razorbacks

Missouri’s "most hated rival" is rebuilding at the same time the Tigers are but have quite a bit more to show for it.

Missouri Reacts Survey: Who Will Be QB1 in 2022?

We’ve been talking about it all offseason and now you get to share your thoughts

PODCAST: Is this THE best in-state recruiting class EVER?!

Big time recruiting class is on the horizon and so is a new SEC schedule. Let’s discuss!

2022 Football Opponent Previews: New Mexico State Aggies

Say hello to the worst college football program in the world.

2022 Football Opponent Previews: Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee was one of the biggest surprises in college football in 2021. What can Missouri’s former offensive coordinator do to keep up the momentum?


What the heck is Drink doing with the roster? Play the young guys!

2022 Football Opponent Previews: Kentucky Wildcats

We should all wish that Missouri can become Kentucky in football some day.