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All things college football.



LOOK: Shirts and Pants revealed for road trip to Auburn

This team might not play at an elite level but they are certainly going to dress at an elite level


Only one tiger can win. Who will it be? We preview Mizzou’s game at Auburn.

Opponents Preview: Auburn Tigers

Missouri hasn’t beaten Auburn in football since 1973. I endorse changing that.

This stream has:

Mizzou Football in 2022: Week 4 vs. Auburn

War Eagle. The Plainsmen. The Tigers. Whatever you call Auburn, it’s a good time to beat them.

Beyond the Box Score: Missouri Didn’t Lose to a FCS Team

They keep saying a win is a win. I guess it’s true.

PODCAST: This team might be the 2015 Mizzou Football team. meh.

So that win didn’t make us feel good. Where will the wins come from?

SEC Week 4 Opening Lines

How to throw your money away on the best sport in the world

BTBS PODCAST: constructive criticism and preview of Abilene Christian.

Eli said some things to the media! Final thoughts on Kansas St. And a quick look at the Christians coming to town this Saturday.

Abilene Christian Wildcats Preview

Missouri gets a get-right game against an FCS opponent. Time to feast.