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Beyond the Box Score co-host. Overly emotional in the moment.

Sam Horn’s injury puts him at a crossroads: Is his future in football or baseball?

Tommy John surgery may force Sam Horn to make a business decision sooner than he wants.

The Mizzou Tiger Fund just got a big pay day. What does that mean?

Attempting to demystify the Tiger Fund. Is it NIL? Is it something else?

Getting to know Mizzou’s new defense, $62 million gifts, and Mizzou alums headed to the NFL

The Nate’s take us through Mizzou’s new defensive coaches and discuss what they would do with $62 million in the athletics department.

Three Early Priorities for Corey Batoon

A new coordinator has many demands on his time and energy. How should new DC Corey Batoon prioritize his early days at Mizzou?

Talking potential defensive coordinators and Mizzou’s 2024 defense

While Missouri’s search for a defensive coordinator remains a mystery, let’s dive in to next season’s defensive unit.

Eli Drinkwitz is taking his time to find a new DC. And that’s OK.

Why it’s fine that a defensive coordinator still hasn’t been named.