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SEC Recap: Week Eight

This COVID edition of the Recap ponders Florida’s title hopes, waits for Lane Kiffin’s clipboard to land, and smiles at the good gestures that occurred in Lexington

SEC Recap: Week Seven

A king in the East has been crowned, patience in Knoxville is wearing thin, and A&M may be Playoff-bound

SEC Recap: Week Six

Dan Mullen puts up his dukes, Georgia and Kentucky put us to sleep, and the latest edition of a historic West rivalry ends with no natural disaster

SEC Recap: Week Five

Half the league takes a vacay day, Auburn gets more help from the stripes, and we send well wishes to Jaylen Waddle while sipping victory whiskey over breaking the Kentucky curse

SEC Recap: Week Four

‘Bama does ‘Bama stuff, the Vols affirm suspicions, and the Hogs, suddenly, don’t seem so historically bad

SEC Recap: Week Three

Georgia’s clearly is the toast of the East, the Tide (I guess) are the ones to beat in the West, and how about ‘dem Tigers, eh?!

SEC Recap: Week Two

Georgia and ‘Bama make statements, Kentucky makes us laugh, and Mike Leach ... what the hell was that?!

SEC Recap: Opening Week

We’ve missed you, live SEC football (heart-hands) ... Week One was fairly tame, but we learned a few things: Lane Kiffin’s bummin’, Mike Leach’s struttin’, and this LSU is clearly not the 2019 LSU

College Football Recap: Championship Weekend

While Jim Sterk still wanders for the perfect coach, the Playoff field has been set.

College Football Recap: Week 14 (Barry Odom Edition)

You can argue whether Barry Odom was given a fair chance at Mizzou. What’s not debatable is the fact that it’s hard to see him go.