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Mostly basketball, some cocktail things too.

Study Hall: Winning NCAA Tournament Games

Kobe & D’Moi did a thing.

Missouri vs Utah State Basketball GameDay: info, where to watch, predictions

Back in the NCAA Tournament looking for a win Thursday!


Mizzou is dancing as we brace for a tough first round matchup with Utah St.

WATCH: Post-Selection Show Live Stream

We know where Mizzou is going, now follow along as we talk about it.

Meet your most hated rival: The Utah State Aggies

Head Coach Ryan Odom has picked up where Craig Smith left off in his two years in Logan, Utah.

Opening Odds: Mizzou versus the Field of 68

There’s a good bet in here somewhere.

Study Hall: The End of the Tourney run

It’s tough to finish around the rim against Alabama.

March Madness 2023: How to watch Selection Sunday on March 12

Selection Sunday and Mizzou is in, but where and when?!

Missouri vs Alabama Basketball GameDay: info, where to watch, predictions

It’s Championship Week Saturday and there are a LOT of good fun games on.

Study Hall: SEC Tournament Victories >>>

Dennis Gates is in Rick Barnes’ head living rent free.