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In the Huddle: Welcome back, Barry

Coach Terry Dennis reflects on Mizzou’s matchup with Barry Odom, telling the former head coach, "It’s not personal; it’s just business."

In the Huddle: Persistence, consistency are keys to success in the season’s second half

Coach Terry Dennis offers that consistency in the midst of the unknown will be key to finishing the 2020 season strong.

In the Huddle: Mizzou needs to avoid a letdown

Mizzou history carries many examples of letdowns after big wins. Is this the year where the Tigers flip the script?

In the Huddle: How to utilize the unexpected bye week

Coach Terry Dennis draws from his own experience as a coach and a player to wonder how Mizzou could best use their unplanned bye week.

In the Huddle: The importance of having “The Guy” at QB

Coach Terry Dennis takes us in the huddle to explain how QB controversies make the game harder for everyone on the team.

In the Huddle: The frustrations of being a receiver

The much-hyped Keke Chism was frustrated after a lack of targets against Alabama. Coach Terry Dennis has some encouragements — and some challenges — for him and the rest of the Mizzou wideouts.

In the Huddle: How to mentally handle a pandemic-ridden season

Coach and former Mizzou Tiger Terry Dennis explains how players need to keep their minds right in the strangest season we’ll see in our lifetimes.

In the Huddle: Barry Odom deserved another shot to make things right

Terry Dennis reflects on the former Tiger head coach, including why he thinks Odom deserved at least one more year to right the ship.

In the Huddle: Ending a disappointing season on the right note

The NCAA ruling is just the latest sting in a season full of them. But there’s still time to go out with a W.

In the Huddle: Combatting a losing mentality

Mizzou Football alum Terry Dennis talks about the way a losing streak affects players, and how Missouri needs to approach the rest fo what looks to be a lost season.