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Before The Box Score

Annor Boateng commits to Mizzou

Now that Annor has committed to Missouri, could Jayden Quaintance be next?

Deep diving into Missouri’s win over Memphis

Brady Cook is on fire, Luther Burden is elite, and this team is beginning to click.

Could Missouri win the SEC East?

Conditions are perfect for Mizzou to sneak into the SEC East race.

Let’s break down Missouri’s win over No. 15 Kansas State

Luther Burden is HIM and Brady Cook is certified fresh and Harrison Mevis has a nice leg.

Previewing Missouri vs. Kansas State

Mizzou has one of its biggest games of the season this weekend. Let’s talk about it.

Let’s talk about Eli Drinkwitz

Will Eli Drinkwitz ever change to help Mizzou Football take the next step?

Brady Cook is the Missouri Tigers’ QB1

A short QB battle, roster usage speculation, Middle Tennessee, and more are discussed on the pod.

Breaking down Missouri’s win over South Dakota.

It wasn’t much of a game, but we learned a few things about this Missouri Tigers football team.

WATCH: Before the Box Score LIVE

The season is here!

The projected Missouri Tigers Football depth chart.

We’ve got QB battles, offensive line movement, and more in this episode of Before the Box Score.

Momentum is building for Missouri Football.

From massive recruiting wins to a season packed with potential, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Mizzou Football recruiting is red hot. Conference realignment is not. Let’s talk.

It’s been a weird week in college football, so let’s discuss everything regarding Mizzou and beyond.

Eli Drinkwitz has shown growth as optimism rises for Mizzou Football. 

Recruiting, SEC Media Days, Drinkwitz, and more are discussed on this episode of Before the Box Score!

Discussing the SEC, Mizzou Football’s ceiling, and more with SEC Mike!

SEC Mike joins Before the Box Score to give some BOLD predictions.

A big recruiting update and NCAA rules changes.

On this episode of Before the Box Score, Nate and BK get you up to date on all the Mizzou Football news and more.

Analyzing the 2024 SEC schedule.

Nate and BK breakdown Mizzou’s opponents and more in Before the Box Score.

You’re going to hate everything said in this show.

And that’s exactly why you should check it out.

Could this be Eli’s best offensive line at Mizzou?

Nate and BK discuss the portal and the current roster in this episode of Before the Box Score.

What QB battle??

This episode of BTBS has it all. QB1, the transfer portal, Deion Sanders, and more.

So, who wants to play for Mizzou?

In this episode of Before The Box Score, the guys pose the question: does Eli Drinkwitz have a program building problem?

Mizzou Football offseason update!

Offensive line targets, NIL, expanded playoff, and more are discussed on this episode of BTBS!

It’s time to talk about the offensive line.

This episode of BTBS includes discussing the o-line, recruiting, and recapping the spring football game.

Spring football is here, Mizzou fans!

BK and Nate get together to discuss injuries, depth chart questions, and more, as Mizzou kicks off preparations for a new season.

Let’s talk about football scheduling and rule changes.

It’s peak offseason pod mode! We’ve got Sam Horn baseball-ing, SEC scheduling, rule changes, and a difficult schedule coming!

Welcome to Mizzou, Jake Garcia. And other roster news.

There were quite a few transfers in and out of Mizzou to talk about in this peak offseason episode of Before the Box Score.


Listen to this episode of Before the Box Score to find out how Mizzou can follow the path of TCU and make it to the National Championship.

The season is over. So what’s next for Eli and the Mizzou program?

The loss doesn’t mean much, but now Eli has an offseason to figure out what the heck to do with this offense.

A National Signing Day and Gasparilla Bowl deep dive.

This episode of Before the Box Score has Nate and BK talking about two things. The awesome NSD Mizzou had and the tough bowl game against Wake Forest.

With Bush Hamdan out, who might Mizzou turn to? And how might that impact the team?

This episode of Before the Box Score is full of potential offensive coordinator talk as well as a deep dive into portal moves.


It’s f*ck ku week on the Rock M Podcast network and thanks to Brett McMurphy and some salty kansas fans, we have more content! Also, portal talk.

It’s portal season, baby. This is the ultimate kick-off.

This episode of Before the Box Score discusses heavily the transfer portal season. Who is out, who is in, who is being’s all covered here.

After a HUGE win against Arkansas, the portal is where our focus shifts next.

And while the portal is a big topic of discussion in this episode of Before the Box Score, the guys still find time to discuss bowl game possibilities for the Tigers.


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