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Before The Box Score

It’s time to talk about the offensive line.

This episode of BTBS includes discussing the o-line, recruiting, and recapping the spring football game.

Spring football is here, Mizzou fans!

BK and Nate get together to discuss injuries, depth chart questions, and more, as Mizzou kicks off preparations for a new season.

Let’s talk about football scheduling and rule changes.

It’s peak offseason pod mode! We’ve got Sam Horn baseball-ing, SEC scheduling, rule changes, and a difficult schedule coming!

Welcome to Mizzou, Jake Garcia. And other roster news.

There were quite a few transfers in and out of Mizzou to talk about in this peak offseason episode of Before the Box Score.


Listen to this episode of Before the Box Score to find out how Mizzou can follow the path of TCU and make it to the National Championship.

The season is over. So what’s next for Eli and the Mizzou program?

The loss doesn’t mean much, but now Eli has an offseason to figure out what the heck to do with this offense.

A National Signing Day and Gasparilla Bowl deep dive.

This episode of Before the Box Score has Nate and BK talking about two things. The awesome NSD Mizzou had and the tough bowl game against Wake Forest.

With Bush Hamdan out, who might Mizzou turn to? And how might that impact the team?

This episode of Before the Box Score is full of potential offensive coordinator talk as well as a deep dive into portal moves.


It’s f*ck ku week on the Rock M Podcast network and thanks to Brett McMurphy and some salty kansas fans, we have more content! Also, portal talk.

It’s portal season, baby. This is the ultimate kick-off.

This episode of Before the Box Score discusses heavily the transfer portal season. Who is out, who is in, who is being’s all covered here.

After a HUGE win against Arkansas, the portal is where our focus shifts next.

And while the portal is a big topic of discussion in this episode of Before the Box Score, the guys still find time to discuss bowl game possibilities for the Tigers.

Come for the Arkansas preview, stay for the heated Thanksgiving food debate.

In this episode of Before the Box Score, the guys discuss Mizzou’s keys to victory.

What if Sam Horn isn’t the future quarterback for Mizzou?

After a solid win against NMSU, Eli Drinkwitz had some interesting comments about the young guys. Listen to this episode of Before the Box Score as the guys go in-depth on the win and the Mizzou team.

This is the week where say goodbye to Mizzou’s seniors. Or will we?!

Also, there’s a lengthy discussion on the topic of offensive coordinators, a quick Tennessee recap, and a preview of New Mexico St. in this episode of Before the Box Score.

PODCAST: Recapping Tennessee

Mizzou lost to Tennessee and we reflect on the season’s schedule.

PODCAST: Mizzou is committed to Drinkwitz.

Talking Drink’s extension, offensive coordinators, the Tennessee game, and more.

PODCAST: This is 2015 Mizzou Football all over again.

These Mizzou vs Kentucky games always seem to be weird. A recap.


Let’s preview the big game. Also, Blake Baker is about to get paid.


Holy crap this defense is legit. And the offense? Well done Eli and team!

PODCAST: Previewing the Battle of the Columbias.

It’s Columbia West and Columbia East in a battle better known as The Mayors Cup! Also, the guys discuss a shortlist of potential offensive coordinators.

PODCAST: We’re not mad. We’re just disappointed.

The dad pod is back as Josh fills in for BK following a disappointing win against Vanderbilt.

PODCAST: You know what? It’s time to get an SEC win.

Bye week is gone and game week is here. Let’s preview Vanderbilt!

PODCAST: If you can’t lose, it’s a win. IT’S BYE WEEK, BABY.

This bye week isn’t just for the young guys to get some looks, but for us fans to take a mental and emotional break from this team.

PODCAST: Another close loss, but maybe this team isn’t that bad.

Three losses in a row by a touchdown or less is not for the weak, Mizzou fans.


Georgia gave us glimpses of hope, so can this team go into The Swamp and beat Florida?

PODCAST: As painful as that was, there’s room for optimism now.

Not all of it is optimistic...but more than usual for this season.

PODCAST: It’s spooky season and Eli is playing scared.

Meanwhile, Hopper is scary good. And Georgia scares the crap out of me.

PODCAST: it’s a mad world.

That one just really, really hurt.


Only one tiger can win. Who will it be? We preview Mizzou’s game at Auburn.

PODCAST: This team might be the 2015 Mizzou Football team. meh.

So that win didn’t make us feel good. Where will the wins come from?

BTBS PODCAST: constructive criticism and preview of Abilene Christian.

Eli said some things to the media! Final thoughts on Kansas St. And a quick look at the Christians coming to town this Saturday.

PODCAST: What the f*** was that?



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