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Before The Box Score

PODCAST: Talking new defense and pregaming North Texas.

What can we expect now that Jethro Franklin is out as the d-line coach? Nate and BK talk that as well as look at North Texas on homecoming weekend.

PODCAST: Recapping the disastrous Tennessee game.

This game was just flat out terrible. And there’s a lot to talk about regarding Steve Wilks and his decisions thus far.

PODCAST: Reflecting on the season thus far and Tennessee previewin’.

Nate and BK discuss Connor Bazelak, Mookie, the running backs, the defense, and then preview the game against Tennessee.

PODCAST: Boston College recap, defense talk, and should we see Tyler Macon more?

The BC loss gave us a glimpse at how the rest of the season will go. What could Drink do to plan for the future?

PODCAST: Previewing Boston College and talking ‘bout the 2022 schedule release.

Mizzou has a tough matchup at BC this weekend. What’s tougher than that? The 2022 season schedule :(

PODCAST: SEMO. Roster Management. Luther Burden.

Time to look forward to SEMO and talk about some things Drink should try regarding player playing time.

Beyond the Box Score: Defense optional

One side of the ball can hang with the SEC. Guess which one.

PODCAST: Recapping the W and talking ‘bout Kentucky.

The guys are back and looking forward to Kentucky. Oh and Mr. Steal Your Commit STRIKES AGAIN!

PODCAST: Recapping the win over Central Michigan

A win is a win and 1-0 is better than 0-1!

PODCAST: Mizzou vs. Central Michigan, let’s go!

Drink’s up, it’s week one for Mizzou! Listen to hear what to expect and look for this Saturday.

PODCAST: Mr. Steal Your Commit is BACK!

Eliah Drinkwitz has landed a former Virginia Tech commit as five star receiver Luther Burden decommits from Oklahoma.

PODCAST: Bye Jim Sterk. Hello Texas and Oklahoma. And please stay Marquis Gracial!

Mizzou is on the search for a new AD and is welcoming two new teams to the SEC, what does all of this mean for the school, the conference, and college sports?

PODCAST: Texas and Oklahoma are jealous of Mizzou, SEC.

Texas and Oklahoma want out of the Big 12 BAD. And we welcome a special guest from That SEC Podcast.

PODCAST: Eli stays on fire and a couple special guests talk NIL.

A pair of four star recruits choose Mizzou and Nate chats with two education law experts about NIL.

PODCAST: Mr. Steal Your Commit keeps Mizzou recruiting hot

Eli Drinkwitz has brought Mizzou’s recruiting to levels we haven’t seen. Will it transfer to wins?

PODCAST: The shrinking Mizzou Tigers.

Players are shrinking, college football rosters will be shrinking, and a little recruiting talk.

PODCAST: The Mizzou roster management special!

There has been a lot of movement on the Mizzou roster lately. Nate and BK take a deep dive into what it all means for the Tigers.

PODCAST: Recruiting, Draft Recap, and...Barry Odom?

Nate and BK take a look at the Tigers’ recruiting landscape as well as some roster and staff management

PODCAST: Recruiting and the NFL Draft

Nate and BK return to talk some transfer portal news and preview the NFL Draft from the Mizzou perspective.

PODCAST: It’s Never Too Early to look at the Schedule

Before the Box Score returns to talk some Mizzou Football and some toss-up games!

PODCAST: Mizzou Football finishes up the Spring

Nate and BK discuss Mizzou Spring Ball and Tigers in the NFL.

PODCAST: Spring Football is Almost Over

Nate and BK return to talk a little Spring Football and other Mizzou Football Happenings

PODCAST: Spring Football and the Recruiting Trail is HOT

Nate and BK are back to talk the start of Spring Ball and Drinkwitz staying hot on the Recruiting Trail

PODCAST: Spring Football is almost here!

Nate and BK return to talk Spring Football and positions to watch as we enter Year 2 of the Drink Era

PODCAST: National Signing Day and a New Defensive Coordinator

Nate and BK return to touch on Mizzou’s incoming recruiting class, Steve Wilks, and the College Football Video Game (!!!)

PODCAST: Staff Changes, Recruiting, and the Transfer Portal

BTBS with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley is back to cover the DC search, staff changes, and some additions to the Mizzou Roster

PODCAST: Before the Box Score returns and Nate Edwards is BACK

Nate returns from his hiatus and talks with BK about all things Mizzou Football

PODCAST: Mizzou Football is Recruiting and Needs a new DC

BK is joined by Aaron Dryden to talk some recruiting and who will be the next DC for Mizzou

PODCAST: Grading Mizzou Football

BK is joined by Aaron Dryden to grade Mizzou Football now that the season is officially over

PODCAST: Mizzou Football Struggled in the End, but still gives us hope!

Nate and BK recap the whole season and give their thoughts on the future of Mizzou Football and the Bowl Game

PODCAST: Mizzou Falls Short in the Regular Season Finale

Nate is joined by Aaron Dryden to recap Mizzou’s loss against Mississippi State

PODCAST: National Signing Day, Mississippi State, and Bowl SZN

Nate and BK return to talk National Signing Day, #NewZou, and Mississippi State


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