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Beyond the Box Score

Beyond The Box Score: I fell in love with the girl at the ref show

She said "how did you miss that call?" and I told her that I didn’t know

Beyond The Box Score: “We Do What We Do”

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

Beyond the Box Score: In honor of Pyrrhus of Epirus

What an ancient Greek king can teach us about Missouri football in 2022

Beyond the Box Score: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

You are what you are. At some point we just have to accept that.

Beyond the Box Score: Hope?

What does it mean when your team doesn’t do anything differently but almost takes down #1?

Beyond the Box Score: Chaos Theory

Or, how to lose a football game with a 91% postgame win expectancy

Beyond the Box Score: Missouri Didn’t Lose to a FCS Team

They keep saying a win is a win. I guess it’s true.

Beyond the Box Score: F

F is for Fail. And Football. And Fun-comma-not-having-it.

Beyond The Box Score: Statements and Introductions

Where is Missouri in its build? How do the transfers fit in? We got a few answers to both and man was it pretty.

Beyond the Box Score: The 2022 Squad Loses a Game in 2021


Beyond the Box Score: The Pesky Forward Pass

Offense is easier when you can connect on big plays. On Friday one team could do that and the other couldn’t. Football is easy!

PODCAST: Tyler Badie is a legendary Mizzou Tiger.

Questionable QB decisions, incredible RB play, and an ok defensive performance lead to a Mizzou loss.

Beyond the Box Score: The Garbage Will Do

Missouri just beat Florida with a terrible offensive performance. What world are we living in?


Mizzou won a nail biter in OT against Florida as the Defense continued to impress. Nate and BK discuss this as well as the weird QB decisions.

Beyond the Box Score: DE-FENSE. DE-FENSE.

For once, the 2021 Missouri Tigers looked and played like the dominant team. Awesome.

Beyond the Box Score: How to Make a Blowout Interesting

When you play Georgia you lose. It’s the law.

Beyond The Box Score: A Win is a Win

Missouri is not a good team but was better than Vanderbilt on Saturday and that’s the most important thing!


Everything is fixed. Luther Burden is coming to Missouri and all of the momentum is back on the Tigers’ side. Let’s discuss and celebrate!

Beyond the Box Score: It just keeps getting worse!

Is Missouri a NFT? Because it continues to lose value and I have no idea how it works

PODCAST: Missouri is bad, so let’s see some of the future out there. Also, Luther Burden is good. We need him.

Nate and BK discuss the current state of the program, how many current rostered will be in the NFL one day, and talk about Luther Burden.


It’s a big, BIG week for Mizzou football as some big time recruits are making their decisions and Mizzou takes on the mighty Aggies.

Beyond the Box Score: Winning is the most important part!

Style points aren’t for teams that are rebuiling.

PODCAST: Back to .500 with a win over North Texas!

With another game in the books, Nate and BK discuss some new questions regarding the offense after a win against the Mean Green.

Beyond The Box Score: “I’M SAD”

How to lose your defensive coordinator job in 60 minutes

Beyond the Box Score: Heisman-level Dynasty mode

What an 8-year old video game can teach us about our modern Missouri Drinkwitz Dynasty

Beyond the Box Score: Taking care of business

...and working in the 2s (and 3s!)


Time to talk all about the win, the depth, and what’s to come.

PODCAST: Recapping the Kentucky loss.

The defense left a lot to be desired as Tyler Badie continues to light it up.

Beyond the Box Score: Winning with The Little Things

Or "how to safely put away a game without feeling like you’re putting away a game"

Beyond the Box Score: Woof

Missouri showed up with half of a defense and it went about as well as you’d expect!

Beyond the Box Score: Whatever you do, do NOT look at this

It’s so bad

Beyond the Box Score: “Advantage Me”

Arkansas’ offense made Missouri look like Vanderbilt. Luckily it didn’t matter.


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