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Beyond the Box Score

Beyond the Box Score: the “does Missouri have a running-quarterback problem?” edition

There were enough offensive miscues to be frustrated, and the defense was getting tested in the one way it could be tested. And, oh yeah, the Tigers won fairly comfortably.

Beyond the Box Score: the “RIP Cale Garrett” edition

Mizzou loses a star, but the show must go on. And hey, the rest of the team is still pretty damn good.

Beyond the Box Score: the “streak-busting” edition

Missouri played an ugly, weird game against an ugly, weird opponent but finally shook one monkey off its back

Beyond the Box Score: The “Do you want to see a dead body?” Edition

Blood. Just........blood. Like......everywhere.

BTBS: The “AHHH, that’s better” edition

The Tigers made West Virginia look like an FCS team. And not like a "Missouri State in 2017" -type FCS team.

BTBS: the “It’s not as bad as you think” edition

The Tigers and Cowboys were basically even in every stat imaginable. Almost as if some unlucky bounces decided the whole thing, huh?

Texas got the breaks Mizzou needed

I nearly forgot to give the Texas Bowl the BTBS treatment. That would have been, uh, tragic.

Mizzou sucked Arkansas into a shootout. Mwahahahaha.

The Hogs couldn’t keep the big-play spigot open quite long enough.

Shared from:

2017 Missouri advanced statistical profile

Advanced stats and win probabilities from Football Study Hall.

Penalties and inefficiency could have cost Mizzou in Nashville

Penalties and inefficiency could have cost Missouri against Vanderbilt and might against Arkansas.

Missouri’s rushing performance against Tennessee was nearly perfect

And it’s amazing what a little havoc does for this Tiger defense.

Mizzou’s offense is finishing drives, and Mizzou’s defense is eating up passing downs

What a time to be alive.

Mizzou has been aces at finishing drives lately

One more walkthrough before we turn the page to Florida.

Playing Missouri’s offense will stress your safeties out

This all-deep-ball offense is fun.

Mizzou’s offense is the most explosive in the country

Unfortunately, efficiency is the most direct path to success. That, and, you know, defense.

A statistical moral victory for Mizzou

Overall, stats favored Missouri against Kentucky on Saturday. But the Tigers’ inability to finish drives cost them yet aagin.

Missouri’s defense made almost no positive plays against Auburn

The Missouri defense used to be known for havoc rates and play-makers. There is nothing left.

For formality’s sake, here are the Mizzou-Purdue advanced stats

Advanced stats from Purdue’s blowout win over a hapless Missouri on Saturday.

Missouri’s loss to South Carolina brought back a lot of 2016 flashbacks

A look at the advanced stats from Missouri’s 31-13 loss to South Carolina on Saturday.

Mizzou still has a 62% chance of bowling. So there’s that.

Stats say don’t give up on the Tigers just yet. (But seriously, beat Purdue.)

4 keys to Missouri’s vital game against South Carolina

Mizzou-South Carolina is absolutely enormous. Let’s look at what’s most likely to decide the game.

Big plays are random and unsustainable

From an efficiency standpoint, Missouri was actually decent on both sides of the ball last Saturday.

Nerd math says Mizzou has a 74% chance of bowling

According to S&P+, Missouri is a favorite in five 2017 games and the slightest of underdogs in three others. Odds of bowling: strong.

Both teams should’ve won ... and lost

Stats and analysis from Missouri’s 28-24 win over Arkansas to wrap up the Tigers’ 2016 college football season.

The Mizzou-Arkansas preview

A preview of Friday's Missouri-Arkansas game in Columbia (2:30 pm ET, CBS). Both offenses appear to have the advantages in what could be a high-scoring affair.

So much upside, so much downside

Stats and analysis from Missouri’s 63-37 loss to Tennessee on Saturday in Knoxville. The Tigers showed so much upside and so much downside.

Good news, bad news about the ground game

Missouri’s run offense has improved, and the future is bright for the Tigers’ offense. Run defense, on the other hand...

At least the stats like Mizzou...

Advanced stats say Missouri has improved in 2016 despite a 3-8 record. How? And why isn’t the Tigers’ record better?

The Mizzou-Tennessee preview

A preview of Saturday's Missouri-Tennessee game in Knoxville (3:30 pm ET, CBS). Mizzou could take advantage of the Vols' defensive shakiness, but Tennessee's offense could roll.

Coffee is for closers

Stats and analysis from Missouri’s 26-17 win over Vanderbilt on Saturday in Columbia.

The Vandy-Mizzou preview

Stats and analysis previewing Saturday's Vanderbilt-Missouri game in Columbia (3:30 pm ET, SECN). Run games, big plays, and turnovers will tell the tale.

Football whack-a-mole

Missouri is playing football whack-a-mole in 2016. It’s always something different.


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