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$15 Game... THE RESULTS!

If the chosen picture doesn’t give you a clue as to who might’ve been the most popular, we’ve got all the results from your picks for the Fifteen dollar game a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: Rock M Bracket Challenge

Everyone’s bracket is a dumpster fire, but someone still has to win!

Join Rock M Nation’s Bracket Challenge

You get nothing for winning, but bragging rights are enough, right?!

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em: How did it end?

Well, we have a clear cut winner, but overall, not too bad.

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em: The final day!

Our contest wraps up with five games today

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em: How are we doing?

Well, the Texas bowl kind of hurt.

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em: The first update

We’re still really good at being kind of mediocre!

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em - it's over!

Our contest has ended! Find out the winner, how the group did as a whole, and a thread for tonight's championship game.

RMN Bowl Pick 'Em: A New Year's Eve update

The playoffs start today, we only have sixteen picks to go. How are we looking? Striving for mediocrity, of course!

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em: The second update.

A Christmas Eve update finds the group closer to getting to that 50% line, even with a poor O/U showing in the Bahamas bowl. A few changes in the leader board and a straight up "pick the winner" game this evening.

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick' Em - the first update!

Well, six games are in the books. What happened on the first day of bowling and how well did we do? Turns out, the "under" ruled the day.

The Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em returns for the tenth time!

It's our now decade long attempt at futility, come play along!

Join the Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge

An NCAA bracket pool for Mizzou fans to pick Austin Peay over Kansas.

RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest: The Final Verdict

There was one last bit of unfinished business to close out the 2015 College Football season, and that was the naming of the RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Champion

RMN Bowl Contest Update

With only one game left in this college football season, we have three people who will be very interested in the total (combined) score of the Championship game next week

RMN Bowl Contest Update

We've come to the final day of normal bowl games, so the Contest title is on the line

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Start off the New Year with some coffee, some aspirin and a check of the Leaderboard

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Perhaps the betting Gods (and some lax rules on pushes) will finally get us headed in the right direction

RMN Bowl Contest Update

LSU delivered on the spread, but crushed the Over/Under and left the contest still below the Line of Mediocrity

RMN Bowl Contest Update

I'm not saying the time is now or never to make a move to .500, but the time is now or never considering how many people loaded up on LSU -7.5 and the Under (74)

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Heading in the wrong direction

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Another game and two more picks in the book as we get back over .500 for the first time in the bowl season.

RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

Five games in and some weirdness is already taking shape. See if you factor into the weirdness and check out the first leaderboard of the season

Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em is BACK

The Sweet Smell of Mediocrity (TM) is back for our NINTH season. We stayed over .500 all-time last year, can we expand on that number this year?

8th Annual Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge is HERE

Because when Mizzou is out of it, our brackets are usually a lot more accurate.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

The end of the season came and went...and I forgot to name a winner.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

The contest is all over...or is it? Looks like there is a little work to be done, so here is your chance to help determine the winner

RMN Bowl Contest Update

This contest cannot end quickly enough, as the Community is clawing to stay above .500

RMN Bowl Contest

It seems like the longer this bowl season goes, the more Mediocrity is finding us

RMN Bowl Contest Update

SEC has a tough day, Mississippi mourns and the contest churns on

RMN Bowl Contest Update

SEC picks up another win, gets kinda screwed out of another and the Contest just kind of chugs along

RMN Bowl Contest Update

The SEC stepped up their game and so did the RMN Bowl Contest. Thanks to the Hawgs, the contest is headed back in the right direction. Can we keep it going today with two more SEC teams competing?


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