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RMN Bowl Contest Update

Check out how the Community did after a big Saturday of bowl games. The contest is nearing the halfway mark and while there is still time, some leaders are starting to emerge

RMN Bowl Contest Update

UCF and NC State hurt us right at the end of the day, but Saturday has a ton of chances for the group to improve and for the leaderboard to take a new shape. Can the Coin Phlip hang on to the top spot it has had all contest?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

We take a step back, both in the contest and to marvel at the finish of the Bahamas Bowl.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

The community nailed the day in pretty impressive fashion

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Silver shiny things continue to do quite well in the competition.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

First update of the year shows the group got off to a fast start. Are you included in that?

The 8th annual RMN Bowl Pick 'Em

Take on Rock M Nation and prove your knowledge in the 8th Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest. We had a hell of a year last year; can we do it again?

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Join the RMN World Cup Pick Em!

2014 RMN Bracket Challenge

Get your coin ready for flipping, the 2014 RMN NCAA Bracket Challenge is now open. Show us just how good (or bad) of a basketball mind you have and start picking winners.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

It is the final update as we look at just how big we crushed it this year

We have a pick 'em winner

Congrats to HNTR.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Let the success runneth over!

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Lots of people had the OU/Alabama game pegged incorrectly. Were you one of them?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Bowl season is starting to wind down; how close are we to naming a winner?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

The biggest bowl day of the year comes when the contest is on a pretty amazing roll. Will we keep it going today?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Two straight days of popular picks actually covering. Can we keep it going for a third day in a row?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Not all the way back by any means, but a nice step closer.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Be is not pretty.

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Utah State helps us put the "U" in "UGH" and "UGLY"

RMN Bowl Contest Update

Was it a Merry Christmas for our contest?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

13.5 was a lot of points for ECU to cover and it did not look good in the 4th quarter. Would we slip further below .500?

RMN Bowl Contest Update

It is the most wonderful time of the year...unless you were expecting this group to pick the games correctly.

Valentines Day Overflow Thread

Some of you really like the idea of V-Day, some of you think its a stupid corporate holiday. Enough with all of that, whats the best meal you've ever had on V-day, either home cooked or out at a fancy restaurant type place?

Super Bowl Prop Bet Contest

Let's add to the fun!

RMN Bowl Contest: It's all over

Congrats to SleepyFloyd7.

RMN Bowl Contest, Jan. 6


RMN Bowl Contest, Jan. 5

It is soooooooooooooo close.

RMN Bowl Contest, Jan. 4

Miss a day? Meh ... we didn't miss much.

RMN Bowl Contest Update: Jan. 2.

Made it through the new year!

RMN Bowl Contest: Jan. 1

How Else Would you Expect 2012 to End?

RMN Bowl Contest Update, Dec. 30

We're headed in the wrong direction.

RMN Bowl Contest: We love ties!

Big day of games today...


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