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D Line Zou

Three freshmen that could receive a more significant role against Vanderbilt

As Missouri prepares to take on its second half of the season while sitting at 2-4, the youth could receive larger roles.

Brick Haley hired as Missouri’s new defensive line coach

LSU or D-Line ‘Zou: Who is the True D-Line U?

LSU is old money. MU is new hotness. Which would you rather have?

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Film Room: Markus Golden

Markus Golden: Rarely is there such a clear consensus on a prospect as there was with Golden. Almost everyone who watched him came away impressed by his ability but concerned by his athleticism. ...
Football Outsiders - Film Room: ...
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Mizzou Charles Harris one of PFF's 10 best players in the trenches

5. Charles Harris, Missouri Charles Harris entered the year expected to replace Shane Ray, a 2015 first -round NFL draft pick. So far this season, Harris has had no problem living up to those expe...
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Charles Harris interviews Terry Beckner Jr

Stab, Club, Rip, this interview is lit.

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Shane Ray makes Mizzou's wall of first round picks

Shane Ray was drafted with the 23rd pick in the first round by the Denver Broncos.

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First Glimpse of Terry Beckner Jr at Mizzou

Watching Terry Beckner Jr run a three cone drill is perhaps the closest Mizzou fans will get to seeing the heralded defensive tackle before the first game of the 2015 season. It is nice to see him on campus given how thin the defensive line has become with the dismissal of DE Marcus Loud and car accident that sidelined DT Harold Brantley for the year.

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Craig Kuligowski on developing Pass Rushers

"MK: Is there a set number of moves you teach? What is too much? What is too little? CK: I teach them everything and they find the ones they use most effectively. It’s really a sales job to get them to do it. It depends on each player. I see what he does. We teach power rush, club rip, club swim, chop rip and speed rush and we teach a swim. Off all that stuff we can combination into one thousand moves. We might do club and rip and hit the tricep. Now some kids are using shake club rip or some are better and stabbing the outside hand and then progressing to club rip. Or I can go club rip and the offensive line pushes my hip and now I spin back to the quarterback. We have all those combinations just for that guy."

Justin Smith remains a role model for defenders

Justin Smith remains one of the most dominating defensive lineman in the NFL, and as such, has garnered the attention and respect of athletes seeking their own path to the NFL.

Rolling out the Black and Gold Carpet

Mizzou rolled out the golden carpet for the biggest recruit on its radar, Terry Beckner Jr.

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"This is SEC speed" - Markus Golden

This is SEC speed - Markus Golden

A video posted by @dlinezou on

Markus Golden had some words for Minnesota

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There is a lot of defensive line talent in one picture

Markus Golden, Shane Ray, Rickey Hatley, Harold Brantley, Charles Harris, Marcus Loud, Matt Hoch, Lucas Vincent and of course SHELDON RICHARDSON