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Dive Cuts Podcast

A weekly basketball podcast featuring Sam Snelling and Matt Harris.

Goodbye Mizzou legend, Kobe Brown. We will miss you.

As we say wish Kobe well, we look ahead to what’s next for Missouri basketball.

Addressing the Caleb Love rumors and more recruiting notes.

It’s been quiet on the Mizzou basketball front as Matt and Sam get you up to speed on all the news on this episode of Dive Cuts.

Does Mizzou really need a big transfer?

As the portal dries up, so does Mizzou’s chances at landing a big man. So, what should they do?

Discussing Mizzou’s roster, its needs, and the portal.

It’s time we fully trust Dennis Gates, so let’s talk about that in this episode of Dive Cuts.

Portal updates, roster math, and Kobe news

In this new Dive Cuts episode, we’re providing Mizzou portal updates and diving deep into the Jesus Carralero commitment

The mysterious transfer portal.

While Mizzou didn’t get Kadin Shedrick, there are other bigs out there for the Tigers. Matt & Sam discuss in a new Dive Cuts.

Welcome to Mizzou, Tamar Bates!

In this episode of Dive Cuts, Matt and Sam break down Tamar’s commitment. Plus, more portal updates.

Goodbye to Love.

Here’s your weekly Dive Cuts, Mizzou transfer portal update!

You’ll Love this episode of Dive Cuts.

Get it? Caleb Love is the main topic of discussion in this Mizzou portal talk-filled episode of Dive Cuts.

Welcome John Tonje! And some more roster talk.

Dive Cuts is back to dive deep into recruiting and Mizzou’s potential roster.

A bitter end to a beautiful season. What’s next?

Breaking down Mizzou’s March Madness and looking ahead to the offseason roster movement.


Mizzou is dancing as we brace for a tough first round matchup with Utah St.

WATCH: Post-Selection Show Live Stream

We know where Mizzou is going, now follow along as we talk about it.

A Rock M Radio SEC Tournament Preview!

Mizzou finished the season on a 4-win streak, setting them up for a double bye. Let's dig into the games!

Closing out the regular season!

Dive Cuts is back as Matt and Sam discuss the games this week and look at the SEC standings and tournament.

No wins means Mizzou must win to get in.

On this episode of Dive Cuts, Matt and Sam recap the two losses last week as well as look ahead to the remaining schedule.

Rank Mizzou, you cowards!

Ranked or not, this Mizzou squad is cooking, and Sam and Matt are here to discuss the recent games as well as look ahead.

Let’s discuss why the data matters to Mizzou’s March Madness hopes.

Matt and Sam recap some games, look at the coming schedule, and discuss efficiency margins in depth.

Could Mizzou lock in a March Madness bid this week?

Dive Cuts time! After a resume boosting win against Iowa St, Mizzou has a huge opportunity to pad their NCAA Tournament resume this week.

God Bless the Block-M Threads and Old Big 12 Matchups.

The boys are back as Matt and Sam preview Iowa St. and more in this episode of Dive Cuts.

Can Mizzou grab another top-25 win this week?!

On a new episode of Dive Cuts, cohosted by The Matts, they recap the last week and preview Bama.

We are getting into the heart of SEC play. So what’s next for Mizzou?

After recapping last week, Matt and Sam look ahead at the coming opponents in this week’s episode of Dive Cuts.

Two top-25 wins! Let’s recap and look ahead.

In this episode of Dive Cuts, Matt and Sam dive deep into what propelled Mizzou to two huge program victories.

Will Mizzou have the right to brag? It’ll be tough, but we’ll find out soon.

But before Sam and Matt preview the Illinois game, they recap the big UCF win in this week’s Dive Cuts podcast episode.

Following a rough showing from Mizzou is a tough slate of games. So, what can we expect?

Matt and Sam use this episode of Dive Cuts to recap the Border War and then to look ahead at what’s to come for this team.

F*ck ku. Go Mizzou. Let’s preview!

Aside from the intro discussion on Jeff Goodman and Mizzou’s schedule and rankings, this episode of Dive Cuts is all about the big game against kansas.

Mizzou is using lineups that put them in the best position to win games.

And that’s what they’ve done! In this episode of Dive Cuts, the guys look at how this team operates and how a tougher schedule coming up will tell us a little bit more about this squad.

PODCAST: Mizzou basketball is undefeated with another light week ahead

This episode of Dive Cuts covers where the team is now and looks ahead to future matchups.

We need to come to terms that Mizzou’s defense is going to give up points. 

In this episode of Dive Cuts, the guys discuss how the offense might be able to offset the lack of length on defense with solid ball handling and effective shooting.


Blake Lovell is back to talk about the top half of the SEC in part two of the conference preview.


SEC basketball expert Blake Lovell joins the podcast to preview the bottom half of the league.

PODCAST: Previewing the Mizzou Basketball season.

Previewing Mizzou’s roster, schedule, and checking in on Dennis Gates’ job so far.


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