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Faurot and the Split T

Walkthrough and discussion of Don Faurot's influential book, Football: Secrets of the "Split T" Formation.

Split T adjustments (don't wait till halftime)

With the playbook out of the way, it's time to get to the fundamentals. Chapters 13 and 14 of Secrets of the "Split T" deal with blocking and adjustments.

From Split T to Spread

In chapters 11-12 of Secrets of the "Split T" Formation, Don Faurot starts to talk about the possibilities. He looks at the personal touches other coaches have put on their own respective versions of the Split T, and he starts spreading the defense.

The keep-you-honest plays

The constraint plays of Don Faurot's Split T offense.

The Split T staples

The handoff, QB keep, and running pitch-out were the staples of Don Faurot's Split T ... and just about every option offense since.

The Split T play sequence

Don Faurot's Split T was based around a four-play sequence that used the quarterback as a point guard and sometimes asked the halfback to throw on the run.

The Split T and modern football

Peruse Don Faurot's 1950 Split T handbook, and you'll find that half of his observations have been made, in different context, by today's college football coaches. The game never changes and is always changing.