Looks like Evan Boehm didn't get the "full pads" memo. Gotta keep your head on a swivel, Evan.

SEC Network Animation for University of Missouri

M-I-Z! Here are the rest of them Tried to emebed it but SBnation isn't letting me :(

The fight against pie-clowns continues


CakeWalkers must be cautious!

Mizzou Turnover Margin


This links to a graphical display of each SEC football team's turnover margin in 2013. Mizzou led the league. Check it out!

Mizzou football plays paintball


Evan Boehm claims to have taken out Coach Stec, Jimmie Hunt gives Andy Hill a hard time and Coach Pinkel declares himself "a Navy SEAL" type.



I think we're demonstrating acceptable levels of "SEC" here

Caption This: 6/2/2014 Matt Herring


It's new Strength and Conditioning coach Matt Herring's second day on the job and we've already gotten a glimpse into the weight room thanks to @mizzouhoops 1) What goals does he have written on the wall and 2) What are they watching on TV above as motivation?