Full Game: Mizzou Tigers @ Arkansas Razorbacks 2017


Watch Missouri's exciting rivalry 48-45 victory over Arkansas.

Epic 2017 Season Hype Trailer


The Unofficial Season Hype Trailer for the Flagship University in the great state of Missouri. Mizzou Football kicks off the 2017 season on September 2nd against Missouri State University.

Jaw-dropping MU Hype video


Ready for football season to be here? Yes, you are. And you’ll want to go run a marathon after watching this fan-made Mizzou football hype video.

Is Michael Porter Jr. the next NBA Superstar?


Check out this video which goes in-depth about how Michael Porter Jr. is more than just a dunker; he's got a well-developed jumper with various ways to get create space for his shot and he demonstrates a tenacity for crashing the boards to get easy put-back buckets. And that's just his offense.

With the commitment of the #1 player in the 2017 recruiting class comes attention from scouts and analysts which is great for Tiger fans.


Connor McGovern gets ridiculous rookie haircut


Thankfully, McGovern, who's been getting reps with the Broncos first team, has a nice head of hair that will grow back.

Shane Ray wins $10k from DeMarcus Ware in race


34 year old linebacker DeMarcus Ware bet 23 year old Shane Ray $10,000 - a drop in the bucket compared to his nearly $80 million lifetime earnings - that he could beat the former Mizzou pass rusher in a race.

Ray won, but it was closer than you might have thought.

Mizzou offers ESL QB Rey Estes


Missouri recently offered Reyondous Estes who is featured in the above video having suffered a serious car accident last year. Estes, a QB committed to Western Michigan, is a close friend to WR Jeff Thomas who says of Estes' accident, "It makes it real, real. That you almost lost the closest person that you had."

The video is a tough, 20-minute SI feature on East St. Louis, home town of quite a few current and future Mizzou football players. "All kinds of diamonds in the rough, walking the streets of East St. Louis, waiting to be successful."

Missouri has signed several notable recruits from Darren Sunkett's ESL program; Tre'Vour Simms, Terry Beckner, Greg Taylor, and Nate Strong and is looking to sign highly rated WR Thomas.

"I expect Mizzou to win championships"


"I expect the University of Missouri to win championships, and if somebody gives me five reasons why we can’t, I’m going to give you six reasons why we will."

"This is my team"


Mizzou season ticket commercials are typically either great or terrible, with little in between. This year's is, uh, well ... not great. The ending's pretty good, at least.