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Michael Sam

ESPN’s Chris Connelly catches up with Missouri legend Michael Sam

Sportscenter’s "Michael Sam: The Unfinished Story" tells about his journey to the Barcelona Dragons

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Michael Sam pens Trib op-ed against SJR 39

Missouri's Senate Joint Resolution 39 states "that the state shall not impose a penalty on a religious organization on the basis that the organization believes or acts in accordance with a sincere religious belief concerning marriage between two persons of the same sex." In response, Sam says that "SJR 39 is the opposite of respect, and it’s the opposite of equality. It does not reflect the Missouri I know."

Sam still has plenty of time for a happy ending

Michael Sam is still only 25, and this is only about Chapter 6 in a 15-chapter book. But it's sad nonetheless, and hopefully Chapter 7 builds toward the eventual happy ending.

Watercooler: Dance like everyone's watching

Michael Sam's Dancing with the Stars debut took place on Monday night, Keith Shamburger found a home in Columbia, women's hoops makes the WNIT again, and Tiger Baseball is back in the rankings for the first time in a while.

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Michael Sam applies for first NFL Veteran Combine

About a month ago, the NFL announced that it would hold the first-ever veteran combine in Arizona on March 22, to correspond with the location and timing of the NFL owners meetings, which will b...

Michael Sam applies for spot at ...

Watercooler: Sam cut, offense lost

Michael Sam is cut by the Dallas Cowboys, Maty Mauk's passer rating has imploded to a rare degree, and Mizzou Women's Basketball gets the media day spotlight.

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Sam makes progress on Cowboys practice squad

Still no word on whether he will be called up to the active roster.

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Michael Sam Fades From View

Instead of becoming the endless circus act so many predicted, Sam's time in Dallas is now much like any practice squad hopeful. It is the best thing for him and his team.

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LSU fraternity apologizes for Michael Sam banner

"Michael isn't the only Sam getting the 'D' tonight," read the sign. The frat apologized.

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Michael Sam set to join Dallas Cowboys

Michael Sam will visit the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday. If his physical goes well, he will be signed to the practice squad.

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Michael Sam won't make Rams practice squad

With one of the deepest defensive lines in the league, St. Louis has elected to fill its practice unit with other depth-needy positions.

Mizzou Tigers in the NFL 2014

Mizzou in the NFL - Tigers Sam, Josey, others among final roster cuts

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St. Louis Rams' decision and homophobia

Sam being cut by St. Louis was a "football decision." If he gets passed on by the 31 other teams, homophobia will be a reason.

Sam sacks Manziel

Michael Sam sacked noted media sensation and backup Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel during a preseason game.

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Will media stop bullshit questions of Mike Sam?

Members of the media continue to do the profession injustice by asking kindergarten questions about Michael Sam because he's gay.

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Michael Sam's special-teams prospects for the Rams

Michael Sam has dropped 15 pounds and worked on special-teams skills, which has Rams coordinator John Fassel interested in the openly gay NFL rookie.

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Rusty QBs, Michael Sam & highlights from Day 1

The Rams got training camp started on Friday afternoon. The TST faithful were on the scene and reporting on the action.

The Greatest, #46: Michael Sam comes out

Sports and community and student body and culture can sometimes converge. And it can be beautiful.

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Sam takes the high road in response to Dungy

The first openly gay professional football player took the high road in responding to Dungy's "distraction" comments.

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Tony Dungy should stop talking about Michael Sam

Did someone forget to turn off Tony Dungy?

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Tony Dungy's Compass is Broken

Tony Dungy has taken up the mantle of being the moral authority on issues. His compass for this issue isn't reading North. He should recalibrate his compass, or he will be left wandering in perpetual wrongness like those who thought that DADT was the

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Jeff Fisher proves Tony Dungy wrong

Tony Dungy considers Michael Sam a distraction. Jeff Fisher considers him a football player. Guess who's right?

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Michael Sam is not a distraction

Tony Dungy thinks Michael Sam is a distraction. Maybe we should stop asking football coaches about distractions.

Michael Sam and courage

Michael Sam uses his award speech to explain how examples like his can touch, and even save, lives.

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Michael Sam's tears were real, and so were yours

Michael Sam accepted ESPN's Arthur Ashe Courage Award for coming out as gay before the NFL Draft. Now he sets out to write the final act in this transformative year in sports.

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Twitter haters out in force for Michael Sam's ESPY

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Watch Michael Sam's ESPY speech

"Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself."

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Michael Sam won't have any problems in the shower

One thing sports showers are not is erotic. ESPN looks at the mythology of soaping up with teammates.

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Who will present Arthur Ashe Award to Michael Sam?

I strongly recommended a tough or religious NFL player to present the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Michael Sam.

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CFL standing by for Sam

The Canadian Football League wants to give Rams defensive end Michael Sam a shot if he doesn't make it to the NFL.

Links: Alden speaks, Sam/Gaines sign

Mike Alden and Pat Ivey talk about player benefits and conference autonomy, Kaitlyn Fischer sets a school record at the NCAA Track & Field championships, and Michael Sam and E.J. Gaines officially sign with the Rams.

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Oprah postpones Michael Sam documentary series

The project had come under criticism and the NFL had not given its blessing.


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