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Report: Missouri interviewing Cal's Sonny Dykes, among others

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo!'s Pat Forde just provided us a little bit more information about Mack Rhoades' trip to Colorado:

Among the candidates in the region Rhoades is believed to have interviewed: Air Force coach Troy Calhoun; Utah State coach Matt Wells; and Colorado State coach Mike Bobo. But a fourth candidate from outside the Rocky Mountain area is meeting with Rhoades in Denver on Tuesday, according to sources: California coach Sonny Dykes.

We'd heard ties to Calhoun and Wells, and Bobo's name had buzzed around a bit on Twitter yesterday. But this is, as far as I can tell, the first serious mention of Sonny Dykes. I'd mentioned him before in passing, but this is certainly some pretty strong affirmation.

Dykes would be an interesting hire. In Monday's piece on Barry Odom, I mentioned that Mack Rhoades might feel the need to go with a more offense-minded head coach since that's the side of the ball that needs the most help.

You have to admit, the thought of bringing in an offensive wizard is pretty appealing. Whoever takes the job will, again, inherit one hell of a defense in 2016, with Charles Harris (in theory), Harold Brantley, Terry Beckner Jr., Walter Brady, Josh Augusta, etc., up front. Michael Scherer and Donavin Newsom at linebacker, Aarion Penton at corner, Anthony Sherrils at safety, etc. If someone like Dino Babers (or any of the other more offense-friendly names on the board) were to walk in the door with ideas to fix the offense without breaking the defense, the chance for immediate success is enormous. [...]

Bringing in a guy with an offensive track record to lead the way has its obvious draw. And it could lead to immediate success with minimal growing pains. Maybe that's a Babers, maybe it's a Sonny Dykes or Dana Holgorsen. Regardless, that's certainly an appealing thought.

We'll see what comes of this. It does appear that Barry Odom is still on the board, and Memphis hasn't given him a "now or never" deadline yet, but that point is probably coming soon. Now we wait to see who has impressed Rhoades the most.