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National Signing Day 2016: Cale Garrett signs with Missouri

Garrett had to wait a long time to score an offer from what he called his dream school. Once it finally came, it didn't take him long to commit.

Name Cale Garrett
Position LB
Height, Weight 6'3, 220
City (School) Kearney, MO
Rating (Rivals) 3 stars (5.6)
Rating (247 Composite) 3 stars (0.8074)
Rating (ESPN) NR
Other Offers of Note Navy
Previous Posts Jan. 30: Kearney linebacker Cale Garrett commits to Missouri

Garrett to David Morrison:

"It was really frustrating, because I had put in the work and worked towards getting an offer from that school. That was the place I wanted to go for the longest time. Committing to Navy wasn't just a safety net kind of deal. That's a great institution as well, very prestigious and a great place. I would've been really happy to go there as well. But it's not Mizzou to me. Mizzou's where I've always wanted to go. That's why I told them, 'If it was anywhere else, I probably wouldn't have gone. But since it is Mizzou, I couldn't pass up on it.'"