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Texas jitterbug O’Shae Clark commits to Missouri

A couple of receiver decommits opened the door for Clark, and he walked through it.

In two days, Missouri lost two-thirds of its receiver commits when Jafar Armstrong flipped to Notre Dame and Elijah Gardiner flipped to Ohio State. Left with fewer receivers than they wanted, the Tigers reached out to O’Shae Clark of Cypress, Texas. And less than 48 hours after first hearing from Mizzou, Clark committed.

I got the test score I needed recently and schools started reaching out to me. Missouri, Baylor, Tulsa and Georgia. Missouri took a chance on me and it's going to pay off for them."

Two things you notice from Clark’s highlights above:

  1. He’s small.
  2. He’s freaking electric.

Clark is listed at 5’8, 150 at 247Sports and 5’7, 147 at ESPN. That might be generous. But being small only matters if defenders can get their hands on you. In his highlight film above, nobody does. And it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that he’s a track star.

If Clark doesn’t work out, it’s pretty easy to see why: He really is small. But holy smokes, could he be a lot of fun to watch. He’s exactly the type of player you hope will work out swimmingly — he’s a delightful to watch, and he’s grateful enough to work his tail off. Here’s to hoping we’re watching him return punts a long way in the near future.