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PODCAST: Odom’s first recruiting class was fine, 2018 will define him

Reactions to Missouri’s 2017 recruiting class

Well hello there - haven’t heard from us in a while. But Dan, David and Oscar reconvene to give their opinions on Barry Odom’s first complete recruiting class as head coach for the Missouri Tigers.

Also, shoutout to Blake Toppmeyer at the Tribune for his coverage.

We talk about Jafar Armstrong and Elijah Gardiner flipping to Notre Dame and Ohio State, the last minute run on defensive lineman including Walter Palmore, Malik Young, Caleb Sampson and Kobie Whiteside, and give our thoughts on the sleepers and biggest misses of this class.

  • Which players are your sleepers?
  • Who do you think will be able to play as a freshman?
  • Who was the biggest prospect Missouri missed - Jaevon McQuitty, Jeff Thomas or someone else?

We also take a look at the “loaded” state of recruiting in Missouri for the 2018 recruiting cycle and if Barry Odom can reverse Mizzou’s downward trend with a strong year two.

Finally we finish by discussing David’s series comparing Missouri to Clemson and give #hottakes about whether Missouri should even be in the SEC.

Check it out and let us know what you think!