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Missouri will sign football players during National Signing Day ‘18

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

It’s been a big couple of days for recruits cutting their lists down, evidently. And for a lot of interesting guys, Mizzou has made the cut.

St. Louis blue-chipper Trevor Trout:

Three-star Florida running back Malcolm Davidson:

Three-star Florida cornerback Tanner Ingle:

Three-star offensive lineman Adonis Boone:

Meanwhile, I guess a lot of recruits enjoyed the edits they recently got from Mizzou. That’s ... something, I guess?

All of this makes me feel confident in saying that Missouri will sign recruits during National Signing Day ‘18. A bold take, I realize.

More Links:

  • Pitcher Bryce Montes De Oca (15th round), shortstop Robbie Glendinning (21st), catcher Brett Bond (23rd), and pitcher Cole Bartlett (25th) were all picked on the final day of the MLB draft. It was the most Mizzou picks since 2006, but one has to wonder if any of these guys end up actually signing. Montes de Oca in particular has high-round potential if he can harness it, and he showed at least a few hints of being able to do that. A return for his senior season could do wonders.
  • Alright, yeah, he looks good in purple.
  • #Yessir