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Happy 4th!

Let Eli Drinkwitz provide the fireworks...

It’s the Fourth of July and I don’t have a big post planned, since it’s a holiday and... well, there have been plenty of exciting things to talk about already this weekend...

Cuonzo Martin nabbed a rising prospect out of East St. Louis to kick off his 2022 recruiting class... and that was the least interesting news over the last two days because Eli Drinkwitz continues to do very non-Mizzou like things with Mizzou Football recruiting and he landed not one, but TWO 4-star recruits since Friday.

For some context, the history of Missouri recruiting (in the Rivals/247 era) is a short one. Prior to 2002 we didn’t have a real clear ranking system with the National Recruiting sites. So really just the last 20 years is all we have to go on. The lowest rated class was the 2020 class when Drinkwitz took over for Odom and had to string together what he could, that class was the 54th ranked class in the country per Rivals. The 2010 class was the highest rated class pulling in at 21st per Rivals.

Drinkwitz has gone from 54th, to 20th, to currently holding the 14th ranked class per Rivals, and 12th per 247sports. 6 4-star players and 5 3-star players and just for some context about how good this group really is... the two lowest rated players, Max Wisner and Tristan Wilson, were both offered by Alabama. The Tigers currently have number 84, 135, 162, 172, and 244th ranked prospects in the 2022 class.

Those players hail from Georgia, Texas, Nebraska, and the last two from Missouri.

Brandon Kiley has used the word unprecedented, and it is. Missouri has never recruited like this before. So as we celebrate the birth of our country today, go ahead and just let Eli Drinkwitz provide the fireworks on the day.