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BREAKING: Luther Burden Decommits from Oklahoma

The first step in bringing the elite receiver to Columbia is complete, but this saga is far from over.

It feels like we have been reading and dreaming of the possibility of Luther Burden - the elite, 5-star, #1 receiver in the country from the St. Louis metro area - decommitting from Oklahoma to join his hometown Tigers in the SEC for five years now. That seemed like a distant possibility when he committed to Oklahoma on October 9th, 2020. However, as we worked our way through 2021 Burden found himself at the Night at The Zou. And then he visited Columbia again a few days later, on his own dime. And then he visited again a month later. And Tiger fans allowed themselves to let that dream creep back into their heads.

Well, Mr. Burden hasn’t committed to Missouri (yet) but he certainly took a major step to make that dream a reality:

So Burden is back on the market and that means he’ll commit to Mizzou, right?

Not so fast.

It’s not like he’s only being courted by Oklahoma and Mizzou. Burden’s offer list is damn-near every team in the country, including every SEC outfit and every single blue-blood program in the country. So, yeah, he has options.

Even aside from that, Burden has also been visiting other campus outside our beloved Columbia. He visited Ole Miss on June 5th and Georgia on June 21st and July 31st. At this point, it seems that Georgia is also high among his preferences.

So, essentially, Burden has whittled his list from three to two, and now Mizzou and Georgia get to duke it out for the services of the best high school receiver in the country.

Don’t expect this fight to be done soon, either. While Early Signing Day is in December, Burden has enough talent and clout to call his shot on when he wants to commit since he’s good enough that any team will make room for him on his roster, regardless of their current roster situation. I would expect Burden to not make a decision until the official signing day in February.

It’ll be a long road to win Burden’s services but we’ve trusted Drinkwitz this much we might as well continue to do so.