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The Greatest

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Best of the 2010s: A Decade of Mizzou Sports

From the best athletes to the best games, what was your favorite moment of the last 10 years?

Melvin Booker named for next group of SEC Legends

One of my favorite players gets a cool honor.

Rest in peace, Bill Stauffer

Bill Stauffer was an incredible player in a less-than-incredible time for Mizzou basketball. With a better supporting cast, his name would carry even more heft with Mizzou fans.

The Greatest, #1: Ben Askren

A two-time national champion and two-time Dan Hodge Award winner, Ben Askren built a legacy for Mizzou wrestling that the team has attempted to further in the years since he left. He is Mizzou's Greatest.

The Greatest, #87: 2015 Wrestling

With a flawless duals record, a National Duals title, and a fourth-place NCAA finish, Mizzou's 2015 wrestling season was its best ever.

The Greatest, #2: Norm

Norm Stewart won a lot of games and crafted an unbreakable identity for Missouri basketball, and Missouri athletics as a whole, for nearly half a century.

The Greatest, #3: 1954 Mizzou Baseball

The 1954 MU Baseball National Championship team exemplifies what has always been the nature of the best Mizzou teams in every sport: Good players, well coached, playing as a team, achieving the improbable.

The Greatest, #5-4: Chase and MU-KU '07

The best QB in Missouri's history and the one game the Tigers absolutely, positively had to win.

The Greatest, #6: Homecoming

In a sport as laden with tradition as football, Mizzou long ago played a role in one of its primary traditions.

The Greatest, #7: 1960

In 1960, Dan Devine's presence at Missouri was totally felt, Danny LaRose made a run at the Heisman, and Mizzou's student-body-right sweep dominated college football.

The Greatest, #8: 2013

The 2013 season was one of Missouri's greatest, because of not only the results, but also the stories behind them.

The Greatest, #9: Dan Devine

Dan Devine lived up to his name, thriving in Don Faurot's shadow, then growing beyond it.

The Greatest, #11-10: Faurot and a picture

Don Faurot and Missouri were synonymous.

The Greatest: Taking 2014-15 nominations

Now taking nominations for the Mizzou's Greatest list.

The Greatest, #12: Stipo

By choosing to play for Norm Stewart, Steve Stipanovich helped to save Missouri Basketball. By playing as well as he did, he helped to push the Tigers to a level they had never seen.

The Greatest, #13: Braggin' Rights 1993

The 1993 Missouri-Illinois Braggin' Rights basketball game, a triple-overtime classic, had every type of possible significance. It was great in the present tense, and it had a lasting effect on both squads.

The Greatest, #14: 2007 receiving corps

Mizzou's 2007 receiving corps was an incredible collection of talent, a combination of four-stars and former walk-ons, a collection of All-Americans and future award winners.

The Greatest, #32: The Henry Josey story

The 2013 football season was an incredible one because of the success on the field. It was a transcendent one because of the stories off of it.

The Greatest, #46: Michael Sam comes out

Sports and community and student body and culture can sometimes converge. And it can be beautiful.

The Greatest, #67: 2013 Volleyball

From hoping to make the NCAA Tournament, to hoping to win the SEC, to finishing the regular season 34-0, the Kreklows' Tigers pulled off one of the most heartening, redeeming, out-of-nowhere successes the school has seen.

The Greatest, #70: 2014 Cotton Bowl

Missouri's 2013 season was already a rousing success. But it wouldn't have felt quite as successful without a happy ending. In the 2014 Cotton Bowl, the Tigers got just that.

The Greatest, #92: Kreklow to Henning

Molly Kreklow and Lisa Henning were instrumental in two different program turnarounds for Mizzou Volleyball.

The Greatest, #95: 2013 defensive ends

Missouri's defensive ends combined for 55.5 tackles for loss, 32 sacks, and countless game-turning plays during the Tigers' top-five finish in 2013.

The Greatest: taking suggestions

We're taking nominations/suggestions regarding where to place some of the great things from 2013-14 on the Mizzou's Greatest list.

Homecoming has defined Pinkel era

In most years during the Gary Pinkel, the Homecoming game has defined the season as a whole. It will do so again, one way or another, on Saturday against South Carolina.

The Greatest, #15: Danario 2009

It really might be the greatest season we've ever seen from an individual Mizzou athlete not named Ben Askren.

The Greatest, #16: 2007

Even our ridiculously optimistic, we're-fans-after-all predictions weren't optimistic enough.

The Greatest, #17: Christian Cantwell

He is Missouri through and through, and he is one of Mizzou's greatest ... even if we never got to watch him cave in the middle of an offensive line.

The Greatest, #19: One State, One Spirit

Something that fills you with this much emotion, with this much pride in your school, absolutely must be on a list like this.

The Greatest, #18: Chelsea

C’mon … of course Chelsea Thomas is #18 on our list. Did you really think she was going to end up anywhere else?

The Greatest, #20: MU-NU 1978

On a chilly field in Lincoln, Mizzou took on a great team (perhaps the best team in the country) playing its best and won.

The Greatest, #22-21: Doug Smith & MU-KU '90

At first glance, he looked like he couldn't possibly have complete control of his body; at second glance, he was jogging back down the court after scoring on you in one of about 10 different ways.


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