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The Greatest

The Greatest, #23: 1965 Indoor Track

Tom Botts' squad ran, threw, and jumped to the national title.

The Greatest, #24: Roger Wehrli

Wehrli moved almost effortlessly through a crowded backfield to defend a pass, or through a hectic open field with a football cradled under his arm, eating up ground with a long-legged stride that didn't even look fast . . . but it was.

The Greatest, #26-25: Homecoming and McGaffie

One play set the stage for No. 1 to fall. (And yes, this was originally ranked a little bit higher. We just couldn't wait to talk about it, is all.)

The Greatest, #28-27: Willie and his last game

"The most explosive player ever to wear the uniform."

The Greatest, #29: 1922 hoops

Rightful owners of a banner that hangs two hours west.

The Greatest, #30: Hi Simmons

A national champion, a legacy, and a heck of a football assistant to boot.

The Greatest, #31: Norm Stewart (athlete)

He would score 25 points in a game in February, then pitch a shutout in April. He was one of Mizzou's greatest before he ever even got into coaching.

The Greatest, #33: Pitchin' Paul

He had talent, looks, charisma, and a top-notch nickname. Pitchin' Paul Christman was Mizzou's first star quarterback.

The Greatest, #34: John Brown

A fighter, a tenacious rebounder, a program savior, and, at the time, the program's best ever scorer.

The Greatest, #35: Priday's Friday

Perhaps the best single-game performance by any Mizzou player, in any sport.

The Greatest, #36: Derrick Chievous

The Band-Aid Man was one of a kind.

The Greatest, #37: Anthony Peeler

Let's put it this way: Michael Atchison used the word "sinister" just once in True Sons to describe a Missouri player's actions on the basketball court. He used it to describe Anthony Peeler dunking the ball.

The Greatest, #38: Mizzou 1969

Having never tasted of perfection, I am happy to remember the taste of near perfection.

The Greatest, #39: Johnny Roland

One of the best Missouri running backs and defensive backs of all-time in an era when players didn't actually play both ways.

The Greatest, #41-40: MU & Denmon vs. KU (2012)

"When the hour was turning late/And the game was on the line/The Tigers needed more than eight/So he simply gave them nine."

The Greatest, #44-42: Buzzer Beaters

Sometimes you don't need words.

The Greatest, #45: Mizzou-Bama 1975

Alabama had not lost a regular season game in two years. But the Tide never had a chance that Monday night in Birmingham.

The Greatest, #48-47: A screenshot & a cover

What a fun few days, huh?

The Greatest, #50-49: Mizzou 1994 and MU-NU

Every once in a great while, instead of Tyus Edney's shot going in, Eric Piatkowski's shot rims out, and we let out a loud noise because in that moment we are victorious and invincible.

Rest in peace, John Kadlec

John Kadlec has contributed to Mizzou as a player, coach, broadcaster and athletic executive in his 50-plus years of association with Mizzou.

The Greatest, #53-52: 2009 Mizzou and a picture

This was an incredible run. This was an incredible team.

The Greatest, #54: Renee Kelly

If a men's basketball player had averaged a 23 and 12 as a junior, he'd be in the Top 10-15 of this list, no?

The Greatest, #55: 1968 Gator Bowl

The year of countrycal's immersion into Mizzou sports.

The Greatest, #56: Jon Sundvold

He will forever be connected to classmate Steve Stipanovich, but he would have been an All-American by himself.

The Greatest, #58-57: MU-NU 2003 and ZouDave

In terms of sheer catharsis, sheer monkey-off-your-back relief and joy, this one may never be beaten.

The Greatest, #59: Brian Smith

Mizzou was decent but sinking upon Smith's arrival. Now it is a top 10 program.

The Greatest, #60: Kellen Winslow

He was a prolific tight end before such a thing existed.

The Greatest, #62-61: Devin and Harry vs. Kansas

40 carries, 559 yards, and two huge wins over the border rival.

The Greatest, #64-63: Ricky Frazier & MU 1982

Frazier finished his career as Mizzou's all-time leading scorer, and his final Mizzou squad brought to Columbia a level of dominance that hadn't been seen in 60 years.

The Greatest, #65: Temple vs. Arkansas

Dicky Maegle: former holder of the Cotton Bowl rushing record.

The Greatest, #66: Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer lights up the universe.

The Greatest, #68: Lindsey Hunter

Missouri’s school record-holder in career kills, Shen Danru, spent all four years of her career finishing balls set by Hunter. That’s not a coincidence.


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