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What was your favorite Missouri conference tournament moment?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Yesterday was an incredible day of college basketball. UConn forced a fourth overtime against Cincinnati (in a game that had already been fantastic) with a three-quarter-court buzzer beater, then won, and Oklahoma very nearly beat West Virginia with another buzzer beater from half-court. Lots of fun shootyhoops.

Missouri used to play basketball, too! Remember that? And the Tigers have had a lot of fun conference tournament moments. This is a very age-dependent question, I assume, but what was your favorite?

Some examples:

  • The 2012 "Reconcile By Winning" tour of the Big 12 that featured wins over Oklahoma State, Texas, and Baylor (all by at least 14 points).
  • The 2009 Big 12 Tournament run that included wins over Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and again Baylor.
  • The 2003 Big 12 run that featuerd three wins in three days and a humongous comeback against Oklahoma in the finals (that came up two points short).
  • The out-of-nowhere 1997 run in which a 13-16 Missouri team took down Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma in consecutive days before running out of gas against Kansas.
  • The 1993 Big 8 run in which a 16-13 Missouri team took down Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Kansas State to score an unexpected NCAA Tourney bid.
  • The 1991 trip to Kansas City, in which a team banned from the NCAA Tournament beat Iowa State, OSU, and Nebraska to send Doug Smith out a winner.

Et cetera. What's your favorite?