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Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk issues statement about state of Mizzou Basketball

Mizzou Arena

In advance of Missouri’s SEC hoops opener against LSU, athletic director Jim Sterk released a statement:

The text:

I am aware that there are questions people have about our program, and while I appreciate that, the fact remains that we have more than half the season remaining. We are here to support Coach Anderson, his staff, and our student-athletes in any way possible, and do what we can to help them achieve success this season.

I clearly understand where our program is currently, and rest assured that we are all disappointed with where we stand entering SEC play.

It is not my preferred style to make public evaluations of our staff in the middle of a season, as that is not fair to our coaches, or players. Doing so would only offer a distraction from their need to focus on preparation for each game.

Evaluations of all staff take place throughout the year, and continue until the season is over. Any decisions that need to be made based on those evaluations will be done at the appropriate time.

We are extremely grateful for our fans and their passion for Mizzou Basketball. Going forward, we need our fans and donors to help us create a great atmosphere at Mizzou Arena. This is important not only for our current team, but for all future student-athletes considering Mizzou to know that this is a great place to receive a world-class education and compete in a sport they love at a place that supports them.

The tl;dr version, as I interpret it:

1. Sterk prefers not to fire coaches midseason, and Kim Anderson has until the end of the season to prove he deserves a fourth season in Columbia.

2. The desolation of Mizzou Arena won’t exactly help to attract a big-name coach or future recruits.

More or less. This doesn’t at all come across as a bland “vote of confidence” release, but Sterk is still going to give Anderson a bit more rope.