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Michael Porter Sr. to join Cuonzo Martin’s Missouri staff

He will be Cuonzo Martin’s first assistant coach hire.

London Zoo Holds Its Annual Stocktake
This is also a picture of a tiger.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Now this is how you use Twitter.

That’s former Missouri women’s assistant and Washington men’s assistant coach Michael Porter Sr. posting a picture of a Tiger.

Missouri’s nickname is a Tiger.

That’s Cierra Porter, forward on the Mizzou women’s team, which is based in Columbia. It is a tweet suggesting Porter Sr. might not be away from her for too long.

On Wednesday, Porter’s son, Michael Jr., confirmed that new Missouri head coach Cuonzo Martin had offered Porter Sr. a job on his staff.

Let’s see ...

  1. Michael Porter Sr. gets a job offer at Mizzou.
  2. He posts a picture of a Tiger.
  3. His daughter welcomes him home (more or less).

Gosh, I just can’t put this one together.

Michael has a couple of sons who are pretty good at basketball, by the way.

UPDATE: Oh, so thiiiiis is what it means.

I see it now.

UPDATE No. 2: It’s official.